Monday, January 20, 2020

Yimchungrü community to celebrate ‘Tsüngkamneo’ festival

By EMN Updated: Jan 13, 2020 12:13 am
Preparation for the Tsüngkamneo mini-Hornbill Festival underway at ‘Mündün,’ Yimchungrü heritage village.

Dimapur, Jan. 11 (EMN): The Yimchungrü community under the  aegis of the Yimchungrü Tribal Council (YTC) will be celebrating “Tsüngkamneo mini hornbill festival,” a premier winter festival of the Yimchungrü tribe, from  January 15 to the 17th at Yimchungrü heritage village ‘Mündün.’

According to the organising committee, the inaugural session will be attended by the advisor of Art and Culture and Tourism, Khehovi Yepthomi, as the event’s special guest. The second session will be attended by the minister of Planning and Co-ordination and Land Revenue, Naiba Kronu, while the valedictory programme will be attended by advisor of SCERT, IPR and VG, Toshi Wungtong.

Competitions on top spinning, traditional fire-making, greased bamboo climbing, tug-of-war, mouth organ (Khungbi), crossbow (Sanglih), pottery making, indigenous cotton spinning, Yimchungrü Naga wrestling, Khüyih Ahoripü (indigenous nut game), Shihmütang tsühachihpü (pork fats eating) would be conducted during the festival.

A musical band ‘Tears of Judas’ would entertain the gathering on the Tsüngkamneo musical night. It added that Yimchungrü ethnic show would be presented on the occasion. 

By EMN Updated: Jan 13, 2020 12:13:09 am