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Who is Leading Nagas to Nowhere?

By   /  September 7, 2019  /  Comments Off on Who is Leading Nagas to Nowhere?

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The leadership of Nagas is being tampered and trampled from time to time. This has given opportunity to many associations and NGOs to take up the role of leadership in leading Nagas towards peace and prosperity. But many associations and leaders failed due to inner conflicts and misunderstandings. Good will could not withstand misapprehension from within. Adding to this, some tribes found it difficult to get along with other tribes. The cold war continues. This forced them to come together as cluster of tribes to form another association rejecting the leadership of other tribes.

Today, we have sufficient and more associations all for the good cause of Nagas! The emergence of numerous associations wanting to take up the cause of Nagas forward is good enough to show the life of Nagas. All associations wanted to undo other associations in order to emerge as the sole leader of Nagas. Who is leading Nagas to nowhere and why is this so? The random emergence of associations has become equivalent to the emergence of different factions. Both are numerically high enough to be united or broken down. Nagas are awaiting a good and peaceful solution, not additional emergence of factions or associations. We do not expect a perfect society, but we hope for a better Nagaland.

Nagas must come to a realisation that unity is the first step towards peace process and acceptable solution. Different associations and factions if not united can be the cause of our own downfall. Truly, the cause has given birth to numerous factions and associations. This must not continue. Nagas want Peace, Unity, Prosperity and Development. The process towards the full realisation of who we are as Nagas with full-fledged identity and dignity is the work of every Naga. The goodness of Nagas are no less than other civilisations. Turning our backs on each other will only separate us. We need unity more than good talks and wishful dreams.

The present Nagaland must be seen from the perspective of the present scenario. How does the present scenario describe the position of Nagaland? A unified or scattered Nagaland? Do all factions lend their helping hands to build Nagaland or are they destroying it day by day? Can all associations unite together to bring acceptable peaceful solution to Nagas? Nagas have not pledged their life to any single faction or association. Thus, no faction or association can take up the cause in the name of all Nagas. It is a sensitive task to be performed with respect for each other. Today, we have lots of self-inflicted problems which do not allow us to go beyond the walls of selfishness and tribalism.We should not continue to weep beside the rivers of Babylon remembering Zion.

To which faction or association Nagas gave their consensus to bring amicable solution? I suppose none. Only a joint venture can open the door of hope for Nagas. Personal initiatives of some groups can be selfish and hollow. It can only bring about greater disaster. The search for Naga’s solution must not end up as self-inflicted disease. The wounds of Nagas are still in the process of healing.

It is the desire of all Nagas to march forward in unity irrespective of the many differences that may pull us back. To be is better than to be not. Let this generation see the dawn of sunshine upon Nagas. I pray and wish to see unity among different factions and associations in our venture towards peaceful solution. God bless Nagaland.

Rev. Fr. GL Khing

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