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True Spirit of Christianity

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Were we to denounce Christianity based on the characters of the church and the Christians, it would be long gone buried under the scaffold of all the misrepresentation of the true spirit of Christianity. But why does Christianity exist to this day in spite of all the wrong allegations and persecutions laid out against the church of Jesus Christ? Because the founder of the Church is Christ Himself, it is in this that the Church stands against the test of time. This fact will remain so long as the Church does not dispel Christ as their only true Lord. As a matter of concern, the Church should come together in the true spirit of Christianity to accept one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. The past is too black and bleak for the Christians to repeat the same old sins of hatred, intolerance and pride. It’s a true statement that the person who gets more intimate with Christ sees his/her own inadequacy and frailties much clearer, not others. The Church should make a stand against the corruption and the evil world that permeates our society but in the process not forget the true spirit of Christianity. The Church also has a responsibility to guard and defend the faith but not tear people in the making. Yes, the teachings of human traditions and laws need to be balanced based on God’s word but not to the extent of compromising the Biblical teachings.There are many sounds in the world that resonatewith the mind of the people to react and act in that direction. The sound of false religions, intolerance and secularism are playing a dominant role in all facets of our society. From educational field to governmental functioning to the news media and entertainment industry, culture and man decides what’s best for the world. But this undertaking of man dictating the system, we only find the danger of being destroyed by our own ideologies and creeds. There areamplestories of intolerance and extreme issues in some religion that is repelling people from the true knowledge of spirituality. Adding to that, there are thousands of voices that claim to be the truth. In this multi-cultural and pluralistic setting, the church of God cannot be so narrow-minded in delivering the true message of the Christian gospel.It’s not time to fight within. The worldly principle under the banner of secularism is trying to sweep the Church of God away. The Church cannot remain looking inward to proveourselves to be right and other Christians, wrong. The Church, therefore, has to set a standard for the world. But how? In the true Spirit of Christianity
The true spirit of Christianity is to walk in love. It’s easy to talk, write and discourse about this thing called love but hard to walk. Love involves sacrifice. What the Church of God needs today is not more theologians, money, church buildings or resources but Love!People are not impressed with our stately buildings; intellectualism or which side scores more points. What the world wants is our love for them and to act accordingly. The world is dying outside while the Church is dying inside. Why? “Because the Church of God is straining out a gnat but swallowing a camel,” Jesus declares. The more important matters of the law-justice, mercy and faithfulness are neglected. Yes, standing forth for one’s own doctrine and credence is worthy of respect but walking in that doctrine of love is much nobler in the sight of God. The only way that the world will be changed is for the church to change. We are crying for unity and peace in our land but unwilling to let go off our little insignificant little doctrines and differences. How can we expect change when we are not willing to come to the reconciliation table?Jesus said, “By your love, meaning, by your love not for one’s own doctrine or Church (institution) but one another, the world will come to know that you are truly Christ’ followers.
One deciding factor that defines Christianity is Christ. Christ is defined by love itself. If He is missing, then Christianity is just another list among the false religions in the world. What good is a fish out of water so will Christianity also be without Christ! It will be dead and good-for-nothing humanized institution where laws, traditions, rules and rituals will only be the sepulchre of a dead Christ. We don’t want such kind of Christianity! What defines Christ must be the motor that move the body of Christ into the world. It’s not time to stay comfortable and fight over debatable issues and doctrines which cannot be resolved here on earth. Yes, Christian apologetic (defence of our Christian faith) is needed but the point is many in the name of proclaiming the truth are placing the doctrinal teachings before the gospel. That is not right. Christ-less Church will only produce Christ-less Christians. Therefore, the church irrespective of whatever denominations or anonymous Church institution should review its own primacy and lead the lost souls to Christ not humanized Church.
Vebu Khamo

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