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The Cloud Floating Over the Hills

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Love! Yet to start,
Yes, I say,
I am man of pride,
Pride to be kite,
I fly from cloud to cloud,
Giving message of doubt.
Yes! I say…
Love! Yet to start,
Tied in a string,
With wing of flight,
I fly up in the sky,
To call my love a bride.
Lastly, a sharp knife pierced into it,
Making it flutter on the ground.


Oh! Yes…
I say…
I am a man of drunk,
Banging wall to wall,
All my pride has gone.
In the Holy name of my bride.
Yes! Again I say,
I am a man of drunk,
Leaving without is a punk,
Filled with all of my love,
All I know is to sink,
I sunk, I sunk,
Until I felt my lungs.
Drowning into an illusion,
All I became was a musician.


A day of 2008,
Brought a man of prey,
All in his right path,
With a prayer of May.
I prayed to my guide,
To show me the light.
All in my nightmare,
Thought it might be a lie.
The hand of mother,
Placed in my pray.
Walking along I want you to be there.

A man of a street,
Brought to a treat.
With a gratitude,
I pray to thy.
Show me the light,
With love of bride,
Oh! Yes,
I say…
I was a man of pride,
To be her ride.


14th February, the Day of Lovers,
Which can be a day of traitor,
The handwritten one,
All was to say.
We are not made for great,
Living all the pride to be melt,
Alice, the man of faith,
Crushed with no trace,
Leaving only his existence,
Into the world of an experience.


Oh! Yes…
I say…
I am a lover, lover of my love.
I feel for her,
I live for her,
Love of my trust,
Surrounded like a trunk,
July, 2007, the day of joy,
Where I met my Troy.


She came like a bender,
To roll this tender,
My mind echoes her name,
Just to say,
You are mine,
You are mine.

Pravakar Rasaily is a student of Jawaharlal Nehru University. He is an ardent drummer, loves reading, writing and plays football. He can  reached at

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