Thursday, April 02, 2020

Thank You God

By EMN Updated: Jun 22, 2019 10:15 pm

Thank You God! Thank you Jesus!
For providing me this beautiful life;
For all the things that you have given me;
For blessing me with wonderful beloved
wife and children;
For having air to breath, roof to sleep under,
food to eat, water to drink, clothes to wear;
And everything that I posses.
Thank You God for providing me senses to
feel the joy of all the seasons;
The spring, the autumn, the summer and the winter.
Thank You Jesus for pulling me towards your
feet and sparing my life;
Extending me opportunity to repent and
forgiving me my sins;
Abundantly blessing me and my family
and elongating my life.
However, it feels grief to be separated from
beloved as a weak carnal being.
You sent us as travellers to visit and dwell
on this planet for a brief moment;
To carry out our tasks as per assigned talents and depart for eternal abode after accomplishment;
But, why You have shortened this
brief moment again?
However, thank you God for You have a plan for me;
And You have a better plan;
You foresee what is approaching ahead,
but we can’t;
You know what is better or worse for us,
but we don’t;
And you know what is the best for me.
Thank You Jesus for teaching me moral lessons when I fail to be faithful;
By placing me under stress, sorrow and sufferance;
And trimming me off the bad branches;
For You have a plan for me and You have a
better plan;
We foresee as carnal being but You foresee as super natural Spirit;
Our outlook is narrow and we cannot see far;
But You are perfect, omnipoptent and immortal and You see things beyond our understanding;
You are faithful God and you make home of people who faithfully pray and worship You as Holy Spirit.
Thank You God for pulling me towards your
feet once again;
Allowing me to repent and receive forgiveness;
To bless me and give me long life and salvation;
Oh Jesus My Lord! I pray to you, please transform all my loved ones in spirit for whom I pray everyday.
Thank You God.

Kvuchilo Thong (Achilo)

By EMN Updated: Jun 22, 2019 10:15:08 pm