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Susan Sarandon doesn’t get why models are told to look ‘unhappy’

By Agencies Updated: Jun 16, 2016 12:48 am

Susan Sarandon says gorgeous but “unhappy” models are a bad influence for young people.
The ‘Mother’s Day’ star doesn’t like the current trend of models on the runway being asked to look like they’re “angry” with something as she feels it creates a negative image.
She said: “The thing that bothers me is when I see runway shows with these young women who are wearing fabulous clothes that are gorgeous and they look so unhappy. When did that start? In fashion shows, everyone has to look so angry. I remember Todd Oldham shows used to be fun! I was somewhere where the models were standing around and everyone was going around them and I said, ‘Why don’t you let them have their cell phones, so at least they’re doing something.’ I don’t know what’s happened where that’s an idea of beauty.”The 69-year-old actress – who has daughter Eva, 31, from a previous relationship with filmmaker Franco Amurri and sons Miles, 24, and Jack, 27, with her former partner Tim Robbins – always looks radiant and says the secret to it is laying off any cigarettes or alcohol.
When asked how she looks so good, she told Refinery29: “When people talk about my skin [being] in good shape…I’m very simple in terms of maintenance, I’m not somebody who does a lot of different things, but what I don’t do is smoke cigarettes and I think if you’re young and you’re smoking in your 20s, in 20 years, your skin is going to show it. Or if you’re drinking too heavily!
“I think paying attention to a lifestyle is really important. And a certain kind of generosity of spirit.”

By Agencies Updated: Jun 16, 2016 12:48:26 am