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Solo exhibition at International Centre, New Delhi

By EMN Updated: Apr 09, 2017 10:25 pm

Temsuyanger Longkumer exhibits his artistic skills at the nation’s capital

Temsuyanger Longkumer, a multimedia artist from Nagaland and based in London is presently having a solo exhibition with his latest work ‘Gods Summit’ at the International Centre, New Delhi.
A press note states that, Temsuyanger after completing his MA Graphics in Baroda lived and worked in Delhi before moving to London to study Printmaking at the Royal College of Art in 2001.
IMG_3652His work ‘Gods Summit’ envisions a utopian conversation amongst the Gods and Prophets about the predicament of what humanity has done to itself.
In the installation of the exhibition a tent is said to be functioning as the symbolic meetinIMG_3655g place of the summit. Collaged sound clips from films in multiple languages from the Gods’ deliberation, with translation projected nearby. Temsuyanger highlights events from global history at some key pivotal moments where irreversible change has occurred.
The release further states that this seminal piece of work raises the question of what it means to have power, control, authority, wisdom, vision.
The installation is said to be surrounded by photographs of series of sculptures, superstars and portraits of remarkable people the artist have met.
IMG_3657Buffalo skulls from the base of the sculptures, each crafted with various materials to characterise the individual protagonists.
As per the release, the use of buffalo skulls is being originated from the traditional Naga practice of adorning dwellings with animal skulls to commemorate special events and with this, the artist references this dying culture and adds personalised symbolism to the portraits.
The juxtaposition of the two works in this exhibition reflects on Temsuyanger’s interest in spiritual belief systems, archetypes and inspirational characters as well as overlapping truths in a multicultural society.
The exhibition is said to end on April 19.

By EMN Updated: Apr 09, 2017 10:25:27 pm