Thursday, April 02, 2020

Romance of Holiness

By EMN Updated: Jul 11, 2018 11:45 pm

By Ambrose.J.Chakre

Not a love exist like yours
In your faithfulness
You laid down your life
To pull us out of the pit
Lifting us up to where you are:
In your holiness you revive us to it.
No one loves us like you do:
In your righteousness you sent
Your Spirit to dwell in us
To teach, to comfort and
To empower us in the truth
No one has ever taught us like you do
In righteous you teach
In righteousness you live.
So great is your love and faithfulness.
Bestowing on us great things we deserved not;
In holiness you triumph.
In holiness you make us triumph
The greatness of your ways
Reflects the greatness of your powers
One God, one truth, one Spirit
The powers of the trinity are sacred
It makes me tremble
At the uniqueness of your ways-
Powerful yet loving
Great, yet humble
No one can comprehend
The greatness of your powers
Or measure the depths of your love
Your powers are as great as your love is
Your love is as great as your powers are
The Church of Christ marvels
As she worships you in truth and Spirit
Your Bride loves you
For who you are
She loves you because you first loved her.
She is yours O Lord Jesus
The Church of Christ, the bride
Your wife waits on you
She loves you so much,
Let your love be made complete in her
She is your lover
The bride destined to be with you forever;
She is yours, the glorious Church of Christ.
She is for your glory O Lord
Thank you for loving her;
She is the Holy Church of Christ,
Made holy by you.
She lives for you and will live with you for eternity;
She is ready, O Lord,
When will you come?
She reveres, waits and thinks of you:
You are her holiness, her desire
And her passion:
She is your Church and your Wife;
We think of you even as we write this:
We are in the dimension of the romance of holiness:
This is the affair we love
The affair with you
It is You we are in love with:
The romance of holiness is this,
To love you in truth and Spirit.
We represent what you are.

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