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Rhythm of love: Inconversation with Tensawati Lemtur

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Tensawati Lemtur is an upcoming rapper from Dimapur who has marked his zeal for music with the release of his debut single ‘Too Young to Make Forever’ at Prophet CSP studios in Shillong.
The 21-year old musician cites music as his passion, he wishes to work hard and earn a name in the music industry and express his love for music.
Lemtur is also part of a crew 8_Mics who have recently released a video on YouTube. He says in order to build a repo among fans, one needs to connect to listeners both online and in person, and  laments that launching a career as a musician isn’t easy in the state.
His debut ‘Too Young to Make Forever’ talks about a guy and a girl’s immature relationship where both make bogus promises not knowing what the future really holds.
Read on to learn more about the artist.

EASTERN MIRROR: How would you like to introduce yourself to those who haven’t heard of you yet?

Tensawati Lemtur: Hello Tensawati Lemtur here and I’m 21 years old. And I’m pretty sure that many of you may not know me. Well I’m a rapper from Dimapur and I’m from a small background trying to grind more and more to put my name on the chart and also to express my love for music.

Do check me out on Indihut and also I’m a part of a crew 8_mics we have our video on YouTube so do check out.


EASTERN MIRROR: Is music a passion or a profession that you wish to take forward?

Tensawati Lemtur: Music is my passion and I keep music as my first priority because it helps me to move on and also express feelings to the people who don’t know about me.

I’m still grinding all alone. Lets see what God has planned for me in days to come.


EASTERN MIRROR: Who has been you greatest musical idol?

Tensawati Lemtur: Greatest musical idols of my life are MGK, Logic and Joyner Lucas.


EASTERN MIRROR: Five things that you cannot live without.

Tensawati Lemtur: (1) I cannot live without my best friends because they’re the only human beings in the world who make me happy always and never make me feel alone.

(2) and also mom and dad! It’s very hard for a 21 year old guy to move on all alone without them coz there’s no one who makes you feel good like them. But I’m trying my best to move on and I believe that they are with me everywhere I go.

(3) I cannot live without headphones on my ears coz music is the key of happiness for me

(4) I cannot live without YouTube. Most of the time I watch YouTube videos and try to make my English more fluent  as I’m not an educated  guy like my friends. So YouTube teaches me a lot.

(5) And movies


EASTERN MIRROR: What is your debut ‘Too Young to Make Forever’ all about?

Tensawati Lemtur: ‘Too Young to Make Forever’ talks about a guy and a girl’s immature relationship where both make bogus promises not knowing what the future really holds.


EASTERN MIRROR: Share with us your most memorable musical experience.

Tensawati Lemtur: The most memorable musical experience was when my mom started rapping with me with spoken words while I was jamming inside my room.

So when I think about the memorable moment I don’t think there are any good memories I’ve made till now. Except my mom’s rap which was fun.


EASTERN MIRROR: As a musician, what do you think is the most important tool needed to become a successful musician?

Tensawati Lemtur: As an independent musician, building a strong relationship with fans is crucial to one’s success. To sustain and grow your fan base, you’ll need to connect with your listeners both online and in person…but as we all know launching a career as a musician isn’t easy in our state.


EASTERN MIRROR: Most satisfying feedback you have received so far?

Tensawati Lemtur: I’m still a normal kid so I don’t know whether the beautiful ladies and guys who share their opinions on social sites are my fans or friends. But it feels so good to be part of their discussions.

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