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Rhythm of Love

Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Yellow Beacon

By Henlly Phom Updated: Mar 08, 2019 12:12 am


Yellow Beacon




The Yellow Beacon is a funk/ alternative rock band from Dimapur. The inspiration of their music and the roots of the band certainly talks about the suffering and obstacle we face in life.
The four-member band was awarded as the Winner of Ekarithin 2017, individual winners in various events and headliners and judges at Ekarithin National Rock Contest 2018.
Read on to know more about their music, formation, influences and more.


Eastern Mirror: For the record, could you introduce yourselves and the role you play in Yellow Beacon?

Yellow Beacon: We primarily consist of Rock genre with an emphasis on Funk as well as elements from other genres, such as Indie and Garage rock. About the band members, we have Imna Tzüdir on the Vocal, Bendangtemjen on the Guitars, Merang L.K.R. on Bass and Bendang on the Drums. We also have Wabang Walling as our Manager and Amar Dhar (DJ Amar) as our Sound Engineer.


Eastern Mirror: What does the band name, “Yellow Beacon” mean and what is the band’s back story?

Yellow Beacon: “Yellow Beacon”, simply means get ready for something fresh. We chose this name because as a band, we have always been up and ready in exploring new genres and different approaches in music.

About the band’s back story, all members were primarily engaged with different projects, when manager, Wabang Walling, drummer of Melodrama, having an ambition to promote and uplift music in the state, collaborated and ensemble the band.


Eastern Mirror: How does the song writing process works for you? Do you have any influence?

Yellow Beacon: ImnaTzüdir comes up with some scratches of writings and that’s where everyone hops in with different ideas and comes up with the song. It’s a collective effort henceforth.

Having passion of writing poems and songs from an early age, Imna Tzüdir has to say that he gets most of his influence through life’s challenges and experiences, and so he  started writing songs to offer hope and encouragement and most importantly, finding a way to stress optimism. He also has to say that the band’s original “Tears to dry” was influenced when the band lost someone dear to them.


Eastern Mirror: Having played with bands from other states, what differences did you notice?

Yellow Beacon: Getting the opportunity to meet and interact with bands from different state, not only of other states but bands from the state itself, the first difference we experience would that be of musical originality. Apart from it, we also experience and understand how other band looks into music.


EASTERN MIRROR: How many gigs have you played? Which is the most memorable one?

Yellow Beacon: Speaking of gigs, we’ve had numbers of gigs in and around the state.

Performing at Hornbill Riders Meet 2017 would definitely stand out as the most memorable and exciting gig the band has ever played. Getting to play for bikers from around the country, it was a new experience for the band and the response from the bikers were also very energetic as well.


Eastern Mirror: What was it like winning ‘Best Nagaland Rock Band’  award at the Hornbill International Rock contest 2017? Has your schedule changed after the win?

Yellow Beacon: On an honest note, the band was quiet surprised to have won the title, as the band was still very young and only entered the contest to gain experience playing in an international platform. It was indeed a humbling experience for the band members and we thank the Almighty God for His abundant blessings.

Looking at the year 2018 after being blessed with the title, it has been a huge challenge for the band to work harder and equipped ourselves musically and spiritually. The band already had an agenda to open up a music school and jam room in the band’s name and also to come up with more original songs, so we decided to keep our schedules free to work on it.


EASTERN MIRROR: What are your plans for the future? What do you want to achieve as a band?

Yellow Beacon: We don’t know what the future holds, but as a band, we first hope to tour the entire country.

As a band, we hope to soar higher and achieve a status which would uplift the name of us Nagas in the music industry. (Respect and Shout out to Alobo Naga).


EASTERN MIRROR: Working as a group is not easy especially when each individual has different ideas and tastes. How do you work it out? Did you face any issues initially?

Yellow Beacon: There had been instances where we have had debates on certain topics and issues, but at the end of the day, we set aside our differences through music.


EASTERN MIRROR: What’s the band’s goal? ‘Any plan on a professional front?

Yellow Beacon: At the end of the day, we aim to make more music and learn new style or genre, or explore and improvise.

More practice and the will to make new music, the band does hope to grow professionally.

By Henlly Phom Updated: Mar 08, 2019 12:12:59 am