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Rhythm of Love

Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Xieeyaan Pamei

By EMN Updated: Sep 15, 2016 9:56 pm

A young and dynamic singer from Tamenglong in Manipur, Xieeyaan Pamei started from humble beginnings and has now become one of the defining musicians for his age group.His new single “Sunny” featuring Azeena Pamei was recently released in September. Interestingly he idolizes Naga artists more than Manipuri ones! Read on to learn more intriguing facts about Xieeyaan!.

EM: An introduction about yourself for those who haven’t heard of you yet.
Xieeyaan: My name is XieeyaanPamei, I’m 25 years old. I’m a Musician, a Songwriter from Tamenglong, Manipur. I’m just another typical artist trying to define my music.

EM: Many know you as a guitarist of the Rock band Redolent, what made you venture into your going solo?
Xieeyaan: I’m a rhythm guitarist of REDOLENT and still I am. I write songs most of my free times, and when I’m inspired. REDOLENT is a Christianem-1 Rock Band, and I often write more secular lyrics, that does not fit in band’s music. On the other side, I’m doing sol
o, as I am also an aspiring singer, which put me in a place where my melodies and words are heard.

EM: What are your main focuses when it comes to composing songs?
Xieeyaan: When it comes to songwriting, I usually give a lot of emphasis on the lyricem-2s and I prefer to incorporate my original style of music to put the vibes and colours to my songs. Addition, on any other day, just a guitar, pencil, notepad and a locally brewed red tea are all I need to create the perfect environment for writing my songs. 🙂

EM: Compare the music scenario of Nagaland and Manipur.
Xieeyaan: Well, both are doing its best in their own way. As for me, I find Nagaland’s music base with independent and western influences, Manipur, more with SA RE GA MA and Vibratos. If I had to choose between the states then I would prefer Nagaland.EM: ‘Indihut’ which is handsomely appreciated by most of the upcoming artists of NE is on a mission of pr
omoting musicians. When was the first time you heard of it? And is Indihut famous among musicians in Manipur too?
Xieeyaan: ‘Indihut’, I’m not sure when, but `I believe it was the time when our Band Manager informed us that REDOLENT was registered at INDIHUT that I first heard of it. Umm, unfortunately we don’t see many bands from Manipur at Indihut. So I guess, if I can rate then it will be 40%.

EM: Recently, you’ve released your single “Sunny” with AzeenaPamei, what was her part in coming up with the song as a whole?
Xieeyaan: ‘MAGICAL MOMENT’ – introduced my song ‘Sunny’ to her. Azeena is helping me with vocal techniques, and at the same time she was learning the song. Well, I couldn’t deny how the beautiful voice just fits so perfectly with the song. So I was Like ‘hey, let’s hit the studio’. We jammed a few days and added some fill-ins. And there it was!

EM: Tell us about the EP that you plan on coming up with?
Xieeyaan: A song about LOVE, HOPE and DREAMS. I hope this will sum up the whole map of the EP.


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