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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Skylab

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Skylab, an ambient rock band from Kohima as they identify themselves, is a five member band formed in 2013.

The band’s intention is to incite every listener to feel connected to their music by the sounds or the words in a song as they make effort to make their craft as special as the other. The band has released their song “Salvation” in 2018 which was the theme song for the Kohima Lotha Baptist Church youth camp. The song was written and composed by Skylab; the track is a progressive path from their previous track Resolute and was recorded and mixed by Moyuchen K Yanthan at Infinite Records in Kohima.

The band spoke to Eastern Mirror’s “Rhythm of Love” about their musical journey. Read on to know more of Skylab.

EASTERN MIRROR: How long have you guys known each other? How did you all meet?

Skylab: Skylab is an ambient rock band from Kohima. The idea of the band started out as a project during the mid 2013 with members Moyuchen Yanthan, Thothungo Tsopoe, Meribemo Tungoe Thungchanbemo Kikon and Ekonthung Ovung started playing together alongside in churches. Later Sudi Thonger also the former member and frontman of the band “JKS” joined the band since 2017.


EASTERN MIRROR: For the record, could you guys introduce us and the role you play in Skylab?

Skylab: Band line- Sudi Thonger – Vocals

Moyuchen Yanthan – Guitars

Thothungo Tsopoe – Guitars

Meribemo Tungoe – Bass

Ekonthung Ovung – Drums


EASTERN MIRROR: There must be a reason why you promote your group as Skylab. Talk us through your initial musical journey.

Skylab: The feeling of being in a void or in a space of vicinity is the direction we want to endow the listeners with a feeling of being in an expanse of space, designing our music with reverb-delay driven soundsand mellow vocals.

We all grew up performing mainly at Churches or at Schools and other music events and occasions.


EASTERN MIRROR: How does the song writing process works for you? Do you have any influences?

Skylab: We don’t have a specific process of writing music but it mostly start out as small guitars tunes or vocal melodies and later we define those tunes and melodies with words that blend it best.

The members of the band have varied influences of music ranging from hard rock to modern day music.


EASTERN MIRROR: In every music genre there are bands that are just a simple duplicate of another band. What do you consider as the USP of “Skylab”?

Skylab: Our intention is to incite every listeners to feel connected to our music by the sounds or the words in a song, trying our every effort to make our craft as special as the other, sometimes trying new tones with the strings or bringing in different vibes in the vocals, and merge different sonic characters.


EASTERN MIRROR: Working as a group is not easy especially when each individual having different ideas and taste. How do you work it out? Any issues you have faced initially?

Skylab:  It is rather true that there are times when ideas may vary or the taste of music might differ but at the end of the day the band usually combines all those differences and ideas and try brining out a sound that is peculiar.


EASTERN MIRROR: Share with us your musical memories that ‘Skylab’ have had so far. What makes it special?

Skylab: To this far the band has so many memoriesto reminisce, playing on stage infront of beautiful crowds enjoying the music and also at times doing the hilarious for our own share of fun.

All the love we get and the satisfaction of playing our songs as a group of five friends is what it makes it very special.


EASTERN MIRROR: Apart from playing in “Skylab” do you guys have other profession? If so could you tell the readers what are the professions you are in and how do you manage to make music coming from different profession?

Skylab: (1) Moyuchan Yanthan runs a recording studio (Infinite Records)

(2) Thothungo Tsopoe is a teacher by profession

(3) Ekonthung Ovung has no permanent occupation at present

(4) Meribemo Tungoe has no permanent occupation at present

(5) Sudi Thonger has no permanent occupation at present

It is a tricky space to be in with some of us working in regular day jobs or having to do our own daily activities or woks, yet the team manages to make time for doing the thing we love most, jamming, making new music and having our own share of fun.


EASTERN MIRROR: Do you think the current generation of music icons and the digital and technology-driven music is producing more and more mediocre young musicians?

Skylab: There is no definite taste in music, as long as the listeners like what they hear or the character or may be the personality they may possess as a musician, some with their quality of music and some with their presence on stage making it special for the spectators and listeners.


EASTERN MIRROR: What’s next for Skylab?

Skylab: We have something coming up in the near future so you guys can follow our band page on instagram @skylab_offical_for more updates and you can download our songs from our band page on Indihut.


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