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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Nash Longkumer

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Nash Longkumer




Nash Longkumer is a rock guitarist. He won the best guitarist prize at the 2018 edition of the Hornbill Rock Festival. He is a member of rock band, UDX. For those who haven’t discovered Longkumer yet, he may be one of the finest guitarists Dimapur has. He is not exactly a rookie for he is a regular fixture in the rock scene in Dimapur, especially with UDX, a then nu-metal band.  Eastern Mirror spoke with the guitarist about his musical journey. Here is it:

EASTERN MIRROR: Hey Nash, Thank you for talking to us. What’s up since ‘Drop made The Difference?’

Nash Longkumer: I have been gigging and travelling extensively, connecting with people around the world, experiencing new cultures and of course savouring delicacies from all over.


EASTERN MIRROR: UDX was among a group of nu-metal and alternative metal bands that lead the metal movement in the early 2000s in the state. What was the metal scene those days like?

Nash Longkumer: One distinct and vivid memory for personally from back in the day, definitely, has to be in the level of participation of the fans. The fans were genuinely appreciative of the bands they liked. I hadn’t seen such response from fans across genres in Nagaland at that particular period of time.


EASTERN MIRROR: Do you think rock, specifically metal, is the new Indie?

Nash Longkumer: Much like any other genre of music, metal music continues to retain its niche. Interestingly though a recent data analysis by Spotify on the genres with highest global loyalty; metal music is number 1 by far on that list, ahead of genres like hip-hop, country etc. by as much as 50%.


EASTERN MIRROR: What has changed for you personally after Drop Made the Difference?

Nash Longkumer: Ever since “DROP MADE THE DIFFERENCE” I am a lot more purpose-driven, focused and consistent in the things I do. I am enjoying the life I chose for myself as I realised the true source for a fulfilled life and faith has been the key.


EASTERN MIRROR: Ever flirted with classical music for the stage?

Nash Longkumer: Technically, No. But I do implement elements from various forms of music, classical included.


EASTERN MIRROR: What are your normal gear set up and studio configurations for your guitar?

Nash Longkumer: I have 3 guitars; a Gibson les Paul studio limited edition, an Ibanezrgix 6fdlb and a vintage by Wilkinson Strat.


EASTERN MIRROR: What guitar, effects, plectrums and string gauges do you usually use?

Nash Longkumer: For effects I use a couple of pedals from Boss such as the super overdrive and the DD500, astrymon big sky reverb and an orange compressor


EASTERN MIRROR: You won the best guitarist at Hornbill 2018. What are your views on the current music scene in Nagaland?

Nash Longkumer: I think we are living in exciting times especially with the explosion of talents within the state and getting due recognition which is propelled by the growing dominance of social and digital media platforms.


EASTERN MIRROR: What are the things you feel need to change about the “music industry” in Nagaland if we really are to have a real, paying industry? 

Nash Longkumer: Containing a topic of such magnitude within a column is a rather challenging idea but as musicians and stakeholders in the industry I think we can start at the root and that is by constantly working on our craft. Learning new things to help further our craft and keep improving every step of the way.


EASTERN MIRROR: Thank you for talking with us. We wish you the best. What message would you like to give to guitar students and fans alike?

Nash Longkumer: My pleasure and thank you guys for the privilege. I would like to encourage everyone reading this to do things that come naturally to you and not be caught up in popular opinion. Musicians don’t just spend your days practicing; go out meet people and do life together. Your music will benefit a lot more from it. Learn to love people unconditionally, speak life over people and situations around you. Always work towards being the solution and not add to the problem. God bless.


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