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Rhythm of Love

Rhythm Of Love: In conversation with Meyisanen Lemtur

By Henlly Phom Updated: Aug 01, 2019 9:21 pm
Meyisanen Lemtur

Instagram users from the Naga demographic will probably recognise a young lad, Meyisanen Lemtur. If not, the parody video “Bohemian Examdy” will definitely make you want to.

In today’s Rhythm of Love we bring to you young musician Lemtur who has been passionate about music, but never pursued it until 2016. He joined a band, The Gluttones, in January 2019 as its vocalist and has so far released a music video titled “Stars.”

EASTERN MIRROR: We are curious to know this “Bohemian Examdy” Meyisanen. What is your musical background?

Meyisanen Lemtur: Actually I don’t have a proper musical background; I have never taken any classes or training. It was only after 2016 that I started doing music because of Tali Angh who encouraged me to sing.

EASTERN MIRROR: Now tell us about your social media hit parody on “Bohemian Examdy”.

Meyisanen Lemtur: Hahaha, it was a parody that I made during my break time (from studies) just to entertain my classmates appearing the final exams. Little did I know that it would go viral overnight.

EASTERN MIRROR: How important is social media for you?

Meyisanen Lemtur: It’s important in the sense that I can explore myself there and also let people explore me through my music. But I’m not that excited about social media.

EASTERN MIRROR: You have released a music video “Stars” on YouTube channel. Talk us through the processes of making “Stars”. What inspired you to make “Stars”?

Meyisanen Lemtur: It started out with me and Yanthungo of ‘The Avancer’ band, just trying out some tunes which felt good and later decided to make a song which was named ‘Stars’. We actually never met to rehearse the song….Lol. We just connected through WhatsApp and finished the song through voice recordings. We met only for the final recordings.

EASTERN MIRROR: Have you ever been on any big events? If No, why? What inspires you to do music?

Meyisanen Lemtur: Yes, I have been to some big events. My love for my passion, people and most importantly God’s love for me is what inspires me to do music.

EASTERN MIRROR: Have you worked with artists before, and would you like to? If so who would that be?

Meyisanen Lemtur: Yes I have worked with several artists before. As of this moment, I’m also fronting a band previously known as ‘The Gluttones’. If given the opportunity I would love to work with Tali Angh and Alobo Naga.

EASTERN MIRROR: What’s your biggest struggle in making music?

Meyisanen Lemtur: For me, the recording part is the biggest struggle in making music…haha.

EASTERN MIRROR: How serious are you with making music as your career?

Meyisanen Lemtur: Hmmmmm I actually don’t intend to do music full-time. I do it for my love for it or as a hobby.

EASTERN MIRROR: What’s next for you?

Meyisanen Lemtur: If you are talking about music then I’m focusing on my band at the moment so you’ll be hearing from us very soon. Thank you.

By Henlly Phom Updated: Aug 01, 2019 9:21:20 pm