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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Metet Jamir

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Metet Jamir

Metet Jamir is a rising musician who started singing at the age of six years in Church and small gatherings, in pursuance of her passion of music.  The rising musician was discovered in 2012 at a gig in Kohima Local Ground. A teacher by profession, Jamir is also involved in a band called Run Monday Run.

In today’s Rhythm of Love the rising musician takes us through her musical journey. 


EASTERN MIRROR: How did you get into music? Talk us through your musical journey.

Metet Jamir: I started singing at the age of six. The only platform I had was at Church service and small gatherings. In 2012, I had a major gig in local ground Kohima with a band when OFF Band spotted me. The next day I got a call asking me to be their female vocalist for their project band called Heritage in-house band alongside their front-man Lui Tzudir! “OFF” was one of the most established bands in Nagaland so I took the opportunity and I immediately said yes without any hesitation! And…That was my breakthrough in the music industry.


EASTERN MIRROR: You are one of the few female musicians who have boarded this profession without a singing contest and still surviving in the music scenario with stage shows. How challenging was and is that for you?

Metet Jamir: To be honest, I faced quite a lot of challenges. Before I joined the heritage in-house band I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take up music as a profession because I was juggling with my studies and music. But after I joined the band I immediately started getting shows. That was when I decided I wanted to be a full time musician. But after 3 years we broke up. Later, I was in a different band. It was a successful one because we played major shows in Mumbai, in and around Northeast and Nagaland but again…that too couldn’t continue for a long term because of our studies obligations. But that didn’t stop me from doing what I love because I know how badly I wanted this! I started again from scratch and here I am now with a band called Run Monday Run! We performed at Hornbill Festival 2018 and we just released our debut single WAZA on our YouTube channel!! Trust me, it was one hell of a roller coaster ride!


EASTERN MIRROR: Are there any artists that you draw inspiration from — if so who and why?

Metet Jamir: Definitely yes! My mentor Lui Tzudir! He is not just a versatile singer but one of the most humble persons I have ever met.


EASTERN MIRROR: What inspires you and what makes you want to keep making music?

Metet Jamir: Back then I used to sing cover songs and wrote a few English songs but I always felt like something was missing. One thing that really caught my attention was our Naga folk songs which are very rare with a very distinct tune. Yes, of course the songs are very monotonous but I thought like, what if I incorporate our folk song with EDM and change the tunes without deviating from the lyrics! With the help of my band members we experimented with it and it turned out quite satisfying!

I want to keep making music because I still have a lot of things to learn and experiment with because we Nagas are blessed with rich culture and I want to preserve it and learn more.

EASTERN MIRROR: Having seen the international community of musicians, how it works, what are their ideas and suggestions to improve the music scenario here, given the fact that there is no proper label here.

Metet Jamir: There are lots of ideas & suggestions to improve the music scenario here in our State and the govt (Tafma) has been doing a lot to help improve the music industry/scenario in Nagaland but first thing that comes on top of my head is

  1. Our people should show love & support to local talents. If our own people do not appreciate our artist/musicians then there’s no growth or improvement for our music scene.
  2. Press & print media has been promoting musicians/artist in our local dailies and we do hope that they’ll continue to give more coverage.
  3. Since we don’t have proper labels here but one can manage to market ourselves and reach out to masses through social media.
  4. To improve or to bring about a change in our music scenario, it also depends on how dedicated and consistent the artist/musicians are.


EASTERN MIRROR: You are one of the few female artists who have experienced the stage not just in your hometown but outside the state and country. How have those experiences changed you musically and artistically?

Metet Jamir: It has indeed been a very blessed journey so far to have experienced and shared the stage with many other accomplished artists within the country and outside. All these exposures and interactions with other musicians has helped me fine tune my own musical knowledge and also the struggle and hardships they had to go through to achieve their dreams and ambitions has always kept me motivated to improve myself, to learn more and achieve my goals with constant hard work, dedication and sincerity towards my profession.

EASTERN MIRROR: Do you have another job? If so-how do you balance music with other obligations?

Metet Jamir: Yes, I am an educator/ teacher and I also do event managements. It all depends on how you manage your time.


EASTERN MIRROR: What are the challenges and rewards that come from working as a musician?

Metet Jamir: In my case, like I said earlier…I did face so many challenges but I never gave up. I know how badly I want it so I chased my dream… and the reward I get was I get to travel to different countries which I’ve never dreamt of,  I get to share the stage with so many talented artists, meet different people etc. and most of all…because of music, I am who I am now! Thank you Music♥️


EASTERN MIRROR: What are the plans you have for the future as a musician?

Metet Jamir: I don’t have any hopes or plans for the future. In fact, future waits.


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