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Reminiscenceabout Holidays

By EMN Updated: Jan 15, 2016 10:17 pm

Throughout the year, all our weekdays are scheduled for work. Holidays are anticipated for rest and repose. Everyone seeks to find some time-out. But to one’s utter disappointment, one or the other programme will popped up on our calendar. What a holiday, right? For many, holidays are not holidays but busy-days. Activities starting from the religious programmes to social gatherings crowdour days and hours. Our world is tilted and jolted by endless tiresome circles of this and that work. It never ends. But humans! We are not machines and so we needgood rest.I would define holidays as a day of total rest.There are three national holidays in India: Independence Day on 15th August, Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday on 2nd October and Republic Day on 26th January. Apart from these three important national holidays, there are more than 20 recognized holidays for the Indians.Therefore, this country is considered as one of the top list countries in granting public holidays but one really wonder whether those special days are really meant for rest. Extra-curricular activities are always filled in and more efforts are expected evenfor those particular events as well. So it’s not categorically a holiday but a work-day.There has been debate whether the public holidays should be more frequent than it is now but the new government seems to be quite unconvinced about this proposal.
In Nagaland, December and January seems to be the busiest month for everybody. Not a day frees people from dis-engaging in all the invariable social and religious functions. There are no space for spending solitary time in deep thoughts and sleep. “Work is not always required. There is such a thing as sacred idleness,” says George MacDonald. Rest is becoming quite uncommon even in our society. Quality timewith family is hardly possible. Heavy schedules are becoming a huge burden for many. People want to keep moving which is not bad but at times, hectic. Possibly that’s why many are into mental illness, emotional instability, anxiety, depression, heart problems, lower-back pain and so forth. Hence, the holidays that are given should be availed with pure relaxation of the mind and soul.
What would a holiday be like without phones, laptops and other monotonous routine works?Maybe that’s an exciting thought! Instead of sitting at home, one can freely roam about in the forest or visit some old friend’s places. Holidays doesn’t necessarily have to be a trip to other states or countries. There are numerous towns and villages in Nagaland that are waiting to be explored.From the mountains to the pristine rivers to the fresh air of forest instil us joy and refreshment. The sound of chirping birds and of the winds still ambiances around our beautiful land. Natural beauty surrounds us but the invasion of high-tech equipment is blinding our eyes from seeing and treasuring those real beauties.
Yes! Holidays are also a timefor involving in personal activities. Jump on the bandwagon of your riveted hobbies and take time for yourselves. That is not selfish but self-help for the greater task ahead. A break is always needed. Don’t beat the horse too harshly that it gets exhausted before it can reach its destination. Enjoy your day doing what you want. Why should you be dictated by workloads and duties all the time? Have enough rest and spent in deep sacred thoughts about life, nature, beauty and the fading world. Think about the eternal glories that will one day wiped out our temporary world into celestial beauty. Take time to read and meditate on good books. Make your holiday one of the most memorable days. Enjoy them as if they are the last moments of your life on earth because holidays are made for rest.
Vebu Khamo

By EMN Updated: Jan 15, 2016 10:17:23 pm