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Pangnyu Phom urges people to step it up against drugs

By EMN Updated: Dec 18, 2019 10:38 pm

Dimapur, Dec. 18 (EMN): The minister for Health and Family Welfare S Pangnyu Phom believes that ‘it is time to launch’ a fight against drug abuse in Longleng district. The minister addressed the 61st general session of the Yachem Students’ Union on December 17 at Yachem village in the district.

According to a press release that was received here, the legislator reminded the students that geographically, and even in terms of population, Longleng district is small but the district is grappling with a very high rate of drug addiction.

‘It is time we launch a war against drugs through this session and the Yachem Students’ Union should lead others in this mission,’ the press release quoted him as having told the gathering.

‘We cannot afford to see our brothers becoming slaves to drugs. Do not ask what your society can do for you, but ask what you can do for your society and church,’ Phom said.

Further, he urged the students’ community to preserve the community’s identity, traditions, and customs and to give importance to their mother tongue.

Likewise, he urged the students to have a positive mindset which he said would help them reach their goals.

‘If you want a successful life, set a secret agenda. We are living in a competitive world. So have a competitive spirit. We have a high percentage of educated unemployed but less employment opportunities,’ he said. He reminded them that Nagaland is facing ‘employment scarcity’ and the young educated should not see government jobs as the only means to livelihood.

‘Whatever employment opportunities are available, avail them through competition and merit,’ he said. He spoke also about judicious use of technology.

‘The world has become small with the coming of technology. Our life is being controlled and monitored by technology. But our technology has both negative and positive impact. We should understand its value and use it judiciously,’ he said.

By EMN Updated: Dec 18, 2019 10:38:55 pm