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NSCN (IM) claims responsibility for Dimapur shooting

By EMN Updated: Aug 22, 2019 1:40 am

Blames NSCN (R) of killing its cadre Toishe Yeptho

Dimapur, Aug. 21 (EMN): The NSCN (IM) on Wednesday claimed responsibility for the shooting at the residence of defence kilonser and UT-1 supervisor’ of NSCN (Reformation), Khekato Kinny in Thilixu village, Dimapur. The group has described the incident as “a fluke for him (Kinny).”

Kinny sustained bullet injuries on the leg after unidentified gunmen opened fire at his residence on August 20. The NSCN (R) had pointed fingers at the NSCN (IM) for the act through a condemnation letter.

A press release issued by the MIP of the NSCN (IM) has claimed that upon receiving confidential information about Khekato’s involvement in the murder of Lieut. Col. Toishe Yeptho on August 16 at Unity Colony, Purana Bazaar-B, Dimapur, its members led by Col. Khehoto went to his residence for inquiry.

“There was no order to shoot Khekato. But, guilty conscience took control of Khekato who directed his boys not to entertain Col. Khehoto into his house and in panic started firing from behind the gate forcing our boys to retaliate. The bullets whizz passed Col. Khehoto’s head,” read the statement.

“We have not resorted to go for this harsh step for no reason. During our investigation, we got hold of one of his men who spilled out that Khekato’s hand is involved. To kill Khekato was not our mission. Had our motive been to kill him, we could have adopted other recourse that would not miss him..

“Khekato and his boys had the audacity to kill Lieut. Col. Toishe Yeptho in cold-blooded manner right in front of his wife who was also shot at. So, we are constrained to go for this action as demanded by the nature of murder and we shall leave no stone unturned to take the case to its logical conclusion,” it added.

While accusing the NSCN (R) of issuing a misleading press statement that they are maintaining restraint, it asked “why Lieut. Col. Toishe Yeptho was murdered by NSCN-R when the Nagas are in upbeat mood having recently celebrated the 73rd Nagas Independence Day and when the reconciliation process is going on for finalising the Indo-Naga political solution.”

“What has triggered this ugly situation is the blatant act of irresponsibility shown by some wayward high ranking members of NSCN (R) who have gone for the killing, taking law and order into their hands. As such, we cannot allow Khekato to go scot-free but to put him through the scrutiny of fair trial for the cold-blooded murder of Lieut. Col. Toishe Yeptho.

“In the context of what has happened we cannot help pointing out that NSCN (R) has been a source of irritants for quite sometimes. But, tolerant as we are, we let it go unhindered. Henceforth, we shall review our stand lest undue advantages are taken over us,” it stated.

The group went on to warn that the case will “take a different turn if NSCN (R) officially come up in defense of the murderer Khekato.” “This would be tantamount to owning up the murder of Lieut. Col. Toishe Yeptho by NSCN-R,” it stated.

By EMN Updated: Aug 22, 2019 1:40:50 am