Friday, February 28, 2020

Nagaland Police appointments: Union demands minister resign

By EMN Updated: Feb 13, 2020 11:30 pm

Dimapur, Feb. 13 (EMN): An organisation in Chumoukedima town has alleged “nexus of rampant corruption in the police department” and ‘back door appointments,’ for which they have demanded that the minister in charge resign.

The Naga Tribal Union Chumoukedima Town (NTUCT) issued a press release on Thursday stating the allegations. The union said to have convened an emergency executive meeting on February 13 in Chumoukedima.

The press release read: “The well-attended meeting was addressed by its president who revealed in detail the nexus of rampant corruption in the police department particularly the back door appointments of RC’s S.Is. The president called upon the jam-packed house whether they back out in their fight against such height of corruption and favouritism practised by few politicians in power although we have sympathy for the innocent and helpless police officers who will be at last victimized for serving the interests of their masters.”

The members “vociferously shouted in unison” that the “present raucous in the police department” should be brought to “legal and logical conclusion,” the union stated.

The members of the organisation “unanimously resolved to stand united” demanding that the minister in charge immediately step down on moral grounds owning full responsibility, the union stated.

The organisation also expressed “amazement” as to why the chief minister was ‘being silent in this issue till today.’

The union has resolved to extend “full mandate” to the NTUCT members to ‘go ahead in pressing the concern authority to cancel all the back door appointees at the earliest and call for a fresh open recruitment whereby all the aspiring candidates would get equal opportunity to try their luck,’ the press release stated.

By EMN Updated: Feb 13, 2020 11:30:38 pm