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Nagaland: Don’t get stuck in the past, Jamir tells Naga youth

By Eastern Mirror Desk Updated: Aug 19, 2019 11:21 pm
Dr. SC Jamir speaking at Discipleship Bible College in Dimapur on Monday.

Eastern Mirror Desk

Dimapur, Aug. 19: Former Chief Minister of Nagaland, Dr. SC Jamir has urged Naga youth to stop thinking of the past like leaders and politicians do today. “Our people are still talking about the past history but today is what remains in you; make use of that,” he said.

The veteran politician stressed on the importance of changing one’s mindset in this fast-changing world while speaking to students of Discipleship Bible College (DBC) on Monday at Signal Angami in Dimapur.

“Be prepared for today, for today will design your tomorrow and tomorrow will be yours,” asserted Jamir. He said that Nagaland can no longer live in isolation and must march forward with the rest of the country. “Don’t think that by remaining in a cocoon you can move ahead; you will not be able to catch up with the rest of the world,” Jamir advised the students and faculty of DBC.

“You should be aware that you are in a world of stiff competition and unless you excel in it, there will be no place for you in the job market,” asserted Jamir.

The former chief minister also took the context of countries like Israel and Singapore stating that “such small countries are surrounded by bigger countries, yet they can strive and survive.” He said that their secret was the ‘will’ to survive and become indispensible.

“The younger generation must imbibe the spirit of Israel and Singapore. If Nagas can make themselves indispensible, there is no reason why Naga people should not progress,” Jamir said.

Furthermore, Jamir maintained that not a single Naga has converted to Hinduism or became a Muslim even though many ‘negative forces’ have knocked on Nagaland’s doors. “Neighbours (other states) were blinded by God’s work in Nagaland; are we to be lukewarm Christians or be disciples of God?” questioned Jamir, further asking the students if they joined the college out of ‘conviction or as a pass time activity.’

Jamir also compared the state to the biblical tower of Babel and how ‘the state has replicated its folly of pursuits.’

“The same people of the same tribes do not talk to each other and in turn kill each other; we have imported the tower of Babel,” the former chief minister maintained.

“Corruption has become the culture, political wall has been broken and authorities are present but no governance is there,” said Jamir.

He further highlighted the “chaotic condition and lawlessness” that prevails in the state saying that there is insecurity in the mindsets of parents and children due to the ‘insurgency issue.’

“Delhi will not come, neither Maharashtra nor Kolkata will come; it is the Naga people that must rise up,” maintained Jamir adding that Naga people have suffered and must be restored to normalcy. “We have to follow repercussion without any fear,” said Jamir.

While congratulating the faculty and students of DBC on its 38th anniversary, Jamir requested the board of governors including the principal to redesign the approach and the needs of the younger generation through the establishment.

“Thirty-eight years ago, it was different and a lot of changes have taken place with the mindset and attitude; if we have to prosper we have to keep in tune with the life of not only Nagaland but with the whole world,” shared Jamir, while adding that the youth must be fully equipped with the latest available tools to progress and march along with the times.

“You are the hope of the future, you have the strength, the dynamism; we want a united, progressive and peaceful Nagaland,” said the former chief minister.

By Eastern Mirror Desk Updated: Aug 19, 2019 11:21:58 pm