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Naga Women Federation (NNC) on Gaidinliu

By EMN Updated: Oct 05, 2015 10:14 pm

The Naga Women Federation (NNC) is seeing all the time in the newspapers about late Gaidinliu heraka controversy therefore situation has compelled us to write the fact about this matter as this concerned very much of Naga women too.We have seen enough in the newspapers that late Gaidinliu heraka was not from present Nagaland and also claimed by Manipur State Chief Minister sometime ago that Gaidinliu was from Manipur so let the Manipur state Govt. build monument and memorial etc.there to stop legitimacy in Nagaland since the whole Naga people spoken,written and demonstrated against late Gaidinliu heraka cult except some people from Rongmai and Zeliang community so majority voice and stand should be taken in order to done away with this ugly cult matter once for all because late Gaidinliu heraka has done nothing good for the Nagas except harmful and damaged in the society.
To tell the fact of all these ugliest matter in the society was brought by Neiphiu Rio (Former CM of Nagaland State Govt.) and implementing by T.R. Zeliang of Nagaland State Chief Minister under the Union of India just for their greed and to pleased Delhi Government.Both of them are responsible and answerable to the Naga people and must done away this ugly matter once for all in the best interest of the Naga people for future good of all concerned.
1.Ketuno Angami,
President,Naga Women Federation (NNC),
2.Bino Angami,Central Executive Council member (NNC).

By EMN Updated: Oct 05, 2015 10:14:35 pm