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Naga students in Delhi protest against backdoor recruitment

By EMN Updated: Feb 09, 2019 12:18 am

Dimapur, Feb. 8 (EMN): In an attempt to end rampant anomalies in the recruitment system in Nagaland, Naga student diaspora in Delhi took part in a protest rally on Feb. 7, marching from Lal Qila to Parliament Street holding placards that read: “Cleanse higher education in Nagaland,” “Our job is not for sale”, “It’s not nice to steal our jobs” etc.

Several unions namely Delhi Ao Students’ Union (DAKT), Angami Students’ Union Delhi (ASUD), Eastern Naga Students’ Union Delhi (DENSU), JNU Nagaland Students, Naga Students Union Delhi (NSUD) and Lotha Students’ Union Delhi (LSUD) participated in the march from Lal Qila to Parliament Street on Thursday, demanding the government of Nagaland to “advertise the 68 Assistant Professor and Librarian posts immediately” and “end corrupt mode of backdoor recruitment.”

The Nagaland Students of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi earlier this month called all the Nagaland tribal bodies and concerned student organisations in Delhi to discuss anomalies in the recruitment process in higher education department in the state.

“It was decided that this issue would be brought to a larger platform by latching onto the ‘Young India Adhikar March’ already scheduled on the 7th of February by the Young India National Coordination Committee,” read a statement issued by the convenor of Nagaland Students JNU, New Delhi.

Thousands of students participated in the Young India Adhikar March on Thursday. It was organised by some students from Jawaharlal Nehru University and the All India Students’ Association and Revolutionary Youth Association, demanding the government of India to fill all the vacant posts in the government sector and to increase the spending on education.

“There is a growing student diaspora in cities who come all the way from their hometowns and family in order to study in the best institutes and universities the country has to offer. Yet, on returning home we are met with the sad reality of a government who is unwilling to give us a chance to prove our competency,” read the statement.

‘We also stand in solidarity with the NNQF (Nagaland Net Qualified Forum) that is taking up this issue on legal grounds and appeal to all student organisations in Nagaland to support the cause,’ added the statement.

By EMN Updated: Feb 09, 2019 12:18:37 am