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Mary J. Blige stopped drinking after death of Whitney Houston

By EMN Updated: Nov 29, 2013 10:56 pm

MARY J. Blige has revealed that the death of her close friend Whitney Houston shocked her so much she gave up drinking alcohol as she realised the “importance” of her own life.The ‘Be Without You’ songstress says her close pal’s death in February 2012 had such a profound effect on her she began contemplating her own mortality and gave up drinking in a bid to boost her health.
She said: “I was at her funeral [and] being that close to someone you loved so dearly, in a coffin, it freaked me out. It made me realise the importance of my own life. “I didn’t stop overnight, it was a process. I feel great right now. I have more clarity, more focus, more patience. And I lost weight. When you stop drinking it flies off!”
The 42-year-old star will even abstain from toasting her 10-year anniversary with husband Kendu Isaacs with a glass of champagne next year.

By EMN Updated: Nov 29, 2013 10:56:51 pm