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Konyak community celebrates Aoleang festival

By EMN Updated: Apr 03, 2016 10:54 pm

Dimapur, April 3

The Aoleang, a premier sowing festival of the Konyak community invoking the spirit for bountiful harvest, was celebrated in all Konyak inhabited towns and villages with traditional fervor.
In Hongphoi village, traditional home of Aoleang, the festival was organized by the Hongphoi Students’ Union (HSU) on April 2 in the village local ground with Tingyeih, BDO of Wakching, as the chief guest.
Speaking at the programme, the chief guest, encouraged the youth to preserve the culture and respect the elders as it has been the traditional practices since the time of their ancestors. He also encouraged the youth to be competitive in the educational field while at the same not to neglect the rich culture and tradition. Besides, the chief guest also said youth are the main force to preserve the rich culture and tradition which should be passed on to the next generation.
Speaking on the significant of Aoleang festival, Ganjon highlighted that Aoleang took its root in Hongphoi village which subsequently spread to the whole land of the Anghs. He said Aoleang festival is marked by beating of log drums and echoing of folks songs which are heard from far distance.
The programme was chaired by Taiwang. HSU assistant information secretary, while the invocation was pronounced by Lihwang, youth director. The welcome speech was delivered by Buwang, Chief Angh, while special song was performed by Liyuh and Agamlih and the vote of thanks was delivered by Chingnye, VC chairman.
In a related programme, Chen Union Dimapur (CUD) celebrated its 20th Aoleang festival on April 2 in the residence of its treasurer and former Lok Sabha MP, W Wangyuh Konyak.
The programme was chaired by the union president, Er. Chenlip Yakha Salymn, and the general secretary, N Chingkim, while the invocation was said by Honlei, Deacon, KBCD.
CUD president, Er. Chenlip Yakha Salymn, briefed on the activities of the union since its inception in 1996, which it has been persevering towards the cause of the community on all fronts. He also spoke on the theme “Making good society” in relevance to the contemporary world. The president also acknowledged Miss Nyoing Apong, daughter of Topho, DB of Choha village, who won the Miss Mon 2015 title and Miss Threnon, daughter of Thramchei of Choha village, for winning the Naga Orpheus Hunt session -10, 2015.
The president also extended appreciation to the treasurer, W Wangyuh, for serving the union for the past 20 years in all fields of the union activities and for providing practical and logistic support. Further, he also acknowledged Yamao, BDO, for taking active initiative towards the cause of the Chen Village Committee.
Special songs were presented by Honkai, Choir Master of KBCD, and Miss Nongam.
Chief speaker, Yamao, who spoke on behalf of the RD & REPA minister CL John, conveyed Aoleang greetings to the Konyak community. He said celebrating Aoleang festival was event of renewing and continuing the service of the union towards unity of the community and feeling of oneness. He urged the members to work together in all fields and for right cause.
The union’s annual and finance report was delivered by N Chingkim and Akham respectively. In the programme, the resolution of the union was read out by its president.
Coinciding with the programme, president of the Chen Area Sheko Khong Dimapur CASKD), Smt Yanon, declared the raffle draw opened. CASKD also presented traditional folk song which was followed by the men’s troupe. The cultural troupe was led by Shaboh, former MLA, who also emphasised on the importance of conserving traditional and cultural values in the changing world.
The programme concluded with mass prayer led by Aowang, executive member of the Union.

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