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India’s Bleak Future

By   /  May 13, 2019  /  Comments Off on India’s Bleak Future

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We are in to the last lap of general elections 2019. In a few days from now, we will come to know which party or parties will rule India for the next five years till 2024. But whatever may be the outcome of the polls, surely this election will go down to the history as the most controversial. Each and every political party and its leaders that participated in the elections wilfully indulged in character assassination, false claims and spoke about irrelevant subjects. No one has thrown any light on which way the nation will progress in the coming years or how India is preparing itself to make the dreams of 1.25 crore people a reality. If on one side we have witnessed chest thumping jingoism, on the other we have seen shameless appeasement of the poor by promising doles. Patriotism or poverty became tools to garner votes. But even after knowing the hollowness of such propaganda, the electorate can do very little than to choose between fire and frying pan.

If one takes a look at the speeches made during campaigning or allegations levelled by parties against political opponents it proves beyond doubt that even after practicing democracy for seven decades, political parties in India are yet to adopt democratic practices. Even in the 21st century, the parties are talking about caste, creed and religion. The parties take vows to protect unity and integrity of India, but do not spare a thought for rape victims or victims of Naxalism. Do our political parties ever initiate any discussions on happiness index? Are they prepared to have an open debate on Indian economy? Did they ask the citizens about the steps to be taken to prevent unnecessary bloodshed in Kashmir? Instead, they are talking about those issues which have very little or no connection at all with our daily lives. They are not talking about jobs, education or health facilities. They are simply busy in calculating which caste will vote in their favour or people from which religion will come to their support. Clearly, tackling the burning issues the nation is facing is not on their agenda.

For example, one can consider the minimum income guarantee scheme announced by the Congress. Since the middle of the present regime’s tenure we have heard that the country is witnessing jobless growth and farmers’ distress. To get rid of these problems, the opposition party has come out with NYAY. Under this scheme, each family will get INR 72 thousand per year. No doubt, the idea is good. But where will the money come from? If we take all the claims of the opposition regarding the economic situation, there is virtually no money left with the next government to implement the scheme. But, still the Congress is going ahead luring the poor with NYAY. Moreover, the scheme is bound to affect the country’s economy badly. It’s a pity that the party which went all out in favour of market economy and reduced government’s role in welfare projects, is now banking in one such project to regain its lost glory.

So, it is no gainsaying that conditions of citizens will not change even if there is a change of guard in Delhi. India will continue to cope with the problems it’s facing at the present moment with such leaders.

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