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CSA Meet: Football, marathon on last day

By EMN Updated: Jan 24, 2020 11:55 pm
Volleyball final match between Group-B (1) and Group-C (2) in progress.

Dimapur, Jan. 24 (EMN): The finals of men’s volleyball, badminton for both men and women, and men’s table tennis were held on the fourth day of the ongoing CSA Meet held at Chümoukedima town, Dimapur on Friday.

An update from Chakhroma Sports Association (CSA) informed that marathon race for both men and women will start at 6 am from the local ground, Chümoukedima town. They also informed that the football title match will be played at 10 am on the final day of the sporting event before the valedictory ceremony at 12 noon. The ceremony is scheduled to be held in the presence of the advisor for Sericulture, Excise and Minority Affairs, Zhaleo Rio.

The CSA Meet organisers have requested the village leaders to inform the villagers to partake in the ceremonial feast of 50th Anniversary Celebration.

CSA Meet day-4 results

Volleyball (Men)

First: Group-B (1)

Second: Group-C (2)

Badminton (Women Singles)

First: Kevino Chüsi, Group-A

Second: Kekhrienuo Rüprieo, Group-B

Badminton (Women Doubles)

First: Azhanuo Rutsa & Kevino Chüsi, Group A

Second: Kekhriesenuo Rio & Neiphrezonuo Rüpreo, Group-B

Badminton (Men Singles)

First: Khriesakeduo Rüpreo, Group-B

Second: Neilhouzhalie Kense, Group-B

Badminton (Men Doubles)

First: Khriesakeduo Rüpreo and Neilhouzhalie Kense, Group-B

Second: Kedokhotso Kweho and Visüto Kweho, Group-D

Table Tennis (Men Singles)

First: Kevichükho Kire, Group-A

Second: Yavikolie Vüprü, Group-D

Table Tennis (Men Doubles)

First: Kevichükho Kire and Nunelhulie Sakhrie, Group-A

Second: Yavikolie Vüprü and Asito Krose, Group-D

By EMN Updated: Jan 24, 2020 11:55:00 pm

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