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Committee brings defunct DNSU back on the radar

By Eastern Mirror Desk Updated: Mar 13, 2019 12:30 am

New leaders told to start getting objective for Dimapur’s citizens

Eastern Mirror Desk
Dimapur, March 12: The Dimapur Naga Students’ Union (DNSU), which was defunct for more than two years, has now been restored and new office bearers for it inducted, during a general session at Hotel Saramati, on March 12 in Dimapur.
Sakho Angami, a member of the high power committee (HPC) of the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) informed that a five-member team of the comm. was formed the previous year to restore the DNSU.
Angami reminded the new leaders that there will be “many battles to be fought apart from the many damages that have already been done.”
“The ‘us’ versus ‘them’ mentality will not be constructive or fruitful,” he reminded the gathering, and that they need to be the change they want to see.

Present in the meeting was also the deputy commissioner of Dimapur, Kevekha Kevin Zehol. During his speech to the gathering, Zehol appreciated the comm. for restoring the DNSU.

“Today our own neighbouring sisters are progressing; we cannot just sit back and relax and see others prosper,” he said.
Citing the changing times in today’s society, Zehol termed this era a critical journey to take where every moment is precious.

“I am happy that a benchmark has been set for the maximum age limit of the office bearers which is 30 years,” Zehol said. The youths should not get carried away by technology and waste their talent, he said. He hailed students as one of the main pressure groups in a society through which they can contribute by the plentiful to the society.

“Today the role of the students’ should be to come out of the old system of attitude and not waste their own time as well as others’,” he said.

The deputy commissioner appealed to the DNSU to be the voice of the young people of Nagaland. Dimapur is like a “mini Nagaland” where all tribes reside, he said. The convenor of the HPC, K Temjen Jamir, also emphasised on the importance of the union being present and united in the district.

“If the DNSU was present, the March 5th incident would not have happened.”
“If there had been the DNSU consecutively, a world class stadium or public ground would be there,” he said.
‘We must commit ourselves to the society for the present and future generations and bring out desired changes in Naga society,’ Jamir maintained.

The president of the Naga Council of Dimapur, Bangerloba Longkumer recalled many occasions in the past two years when there was “longing” for the DNSU. He hailed March 12 as a “red letter day.”

Longkumer urged the DNSU to understand the concept of working under certain principles, one of them being to give time to the society and the citizens. Another principle is to have the determination to contribute in whatever they can, he said. Likewise, he said one should understand that everyone should shoulder the responsibilities of the society while speaking only the truth.

Also speaking during the occasion was the president of the NSF, Kesosul Christopher Ltu. Because of the efforts of the HPC, he said, everyone was present at the meeting.

“The absence of the DNSU has affected not only the district of Dimapur but also the entire state since we are known for our diversity,” he said. The NSF leader said that organisations such as the DNSU hold everyone together.
Due to some hiccups in the past that caused the DNSU to go off the radar, he said that the ‘immune system of the DNSU was still vulnerable.’

The new president of the DNSU for the tenure 2019-2021 is Sedevillie Angami. B Mhajan Tsopoe is the union’s general secretary. They are leading a team of nine other office bearers.

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