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College students go on suicide prevention advocacy

By EMN Updated: Sep 10, 2019 11:47 pm
Students interact during a St. John College-organised programme for suicide prevention.

Dimapur, Sep. 10 (EMN):
To motivate students to have a positive outlook in life, members of St. John College organised various activities in the college and nearby schools as part of suicide prevention advocacy.

St. John College issued a press release to the media on Tuesday informing about the programme.

“People like to live, don’t like to die. Even though majority of the suicides are committed in a spur of the moment, without much deep reflection, they can be prevented with a right attitude,” the press release stated. “Each and every one of us has a role to play in preventing suicides.”

The World Health Organisation has identified suicide as the second leading cause of death among 15-29 year-old people, the updates stated. In this regard, students of St. John took the message living positively to students of government primary school at Indisen, St. John higher secondary school, and St. John College, the press release stated.

“The team visited the class rooms interacted with students, inspired them, and motivated them. They distributed book marks with inspirational thoughts which they prepared to commemorate this day,” the college stated.

“The focus of the whole activity was to give a lot of positive attitude towards life, not to be depressed about failures, to have healthy thinking to face the challenges of life and depressing moments as a stepping stone to life and success.”

By EMN Updated: Sep 10, 2019 11:47:30 pm