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A Short History of Naga Club With Date of Formation as Foretold by Leaders

By EMN Updated: Aug 26, 2018 11:51 pm

My dearest Naga Nation,

I am writing this important text not to allege or impeach or disown any one but to project a sense of thinking deeper about the date of formation of Naga Club as foretold by our late leaders. Well, I have read the date of Naga Club formation day as 24th November and to celebrate 100yrs in this year in Capi (Tenyidie Vernacular Daily) on 20th August 2018.This date needs to be seen from the ancient history.Ihad been associated with father-Lt.J.B.JasokieZinyii,Ex.Chief Minister of Nagaland from my childhood and we used to discuss manythings for the welfare of our people. It was in 1964 that he became a Minister(NNO) and I was the Youth Joint Secretary(NNO) appointed by Rev.M.Savino, President, NNO. During this period of time, I studied at Govt.M.E.School,Kohima near Khuchiezie(nowUBC building)Local Ground. On our way to School, a small CGI sheet house was constructed just behind theTomb of father-Lt.Satso-o(now Razhii point) and just above the main door an inscription of Naga Club-1918 was written on it and lots of people went there &used to play various games. After the school hour, my dearest friends Lt.Vizolhoulie(ChedemaVill) and Lt.Duolhou( KohimaVill) we used to walked together down the road and always talked and shared on various issues.

I was very eager and curious to know what it really means the Naga Club. With this in mind, one day I asked one of my best teachersLt.Vitsonei(Ex-Dy.Speaker,NLA) about the Naga Club. He answered me that I should meet father (Lt).J.B.JasokieZinyii as he was devoted all his times for the Naga cause.During my youth days I was a butcher too,therefore, one day with some pieces of meat I went to his residence and met him and requested him to tell me about the Naga Club.He was so happy with a great smile on hisface&told me like this:“During 1917 my father Dr.KhosaZinyii went to France along with the Naga Labour Corps as we are under the Britistrule”.Unfortunately, many people lost their life and few came back home through the grace of God in May & June 1918 with great difficulties. While seeing the life of other countries, we thought that we also should become free from all our bondages and should have Independent and Sovereign Country until and unless we do that, we will be continued to be the slaves of other always in our life times. With this in view, those who have come back home and along with some elite people in our land,we formed the “Naga Club at Kohima on31st October 1918”.

Dear brethren, I was so glad to know about the truth of Naga Club, therefore, I ventured for formation of “North Block Youth Club” (Kezieke)Kohimain 1964which was inaugurated by non other than our father Lt.J.B.JasokieZinyii,Minister(NNO)and congratulated me and all my fellow workers. On this auspicious occasion he emphasized about the formation of Naga Club and wish the New Club to be in line with it.Dear comrads,last year on 2nd June 2017we had a meeting at NSF Conference Hall in order to celebrate 100years of Naga Club.Many people came from various tribes for the Conference.I took part in the discussion and projected a few relevant aspects of the Naga Club formation.Uncle Shri.Pelhourii-oSuokhriewho is conversion with all aspects could not attend due to sudden problem. We all wish him for speedy recovery. The meeting was chaired by uncleKroroviPeseyie and concluded by saying that next meeting with elite people from all tribes will be called.Waiting for this call but nothing has come.

Dear believers, An ancient parable says-“When the true story/history is distorted then instead of blessing curse used to come”.Therefore, let us not take immediate decision without consulting each other so that there shall be no division among our people as this is the full hopesfor future generations.

Sincerely yours

By EMN Updated: Aug 26, 2018 11:51:14 pm