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A Message to the Naga Youths

By EMN Updated: Jan 17, 2016 9:57 pm

Vebu Khamo

Our land is groaning and moaning for renewal in the field of political, religious, social, moral and educational disciplines. The dream of seeing Nagaland as a free and independent nation in terms of economic and social equality and justice has been the supreme goal of the people. The awakening of societal reforms leading to complete refinement and transparency of the government system is the vision of the younger generation. The old mind-set of complacency needs to be replaced with innovative and altruistic ideas. The age-old root of bitterness, bigotry, nepotism, tribalism, greed, lies and hatred needs to be uprooted. Can it be done? I optimistically pronounce, “YES.” To the best of their capabilities, the past pioneers gave the Nagas the hope to face challenges with the robustness of heart. No money or power could force them to concede the integrity and honesty of their souls. Nevertheless, some Judas betrayed the people of our land and sold us for a mere sum of rupees and recognition. The sad state of affair can only be regretted but cannot be bought back. Now is not the time to fight over those disloyalties and open up the wounds afresh. It’s time to move on.With the gradual passing of years, the older generation will pass on the responsibilities to the younger generation. The time will come for the new generation to lead our people. The power, position and possession will be transferred into our hands. The changes and the developmental activities which we longed for will be given into our hands soon. The leadership roles will be placed upon our shoulders. The accountability for our works will be tested with time. But are we ready and prepared to face these insurmountable tasks? The answer might not be very optimistic here. The future of this beloved land is in direct juxtaposition to the younger generation. This generation fails and the spiralling of ramifications will go on to the next. Hence, the youth of this land has a serious and sobering task in sight. Leaders of tomorrow, it’s not time to sit around and play games.
When we look at the present scenario of our new generation, the numbers, by God’s grace have escalated but the numbers genuinely concerned about our people is so few. The milieu of our land is one such that many youths are unemployed, unsatisfied and unloved. Honest people suffer and deserving candidates are deprived of their rightful privileges. The survival of the fittest could only best explain a place such as ours. The proliferation of unrestraint sexual immorality, drug-abusers, alcoholics, materialism, sceptics, rebellious gangs, etc., adds to the pollution. The news of suicidal tendencies, demonic possession and extra-marital relations among the youthsare of regular manifestations. The numbers of school drop-outs are on the rise while the educated ones struggle to find a decent job for one’s own survival. Many are even compelled to join the underground groups and in turn this disturbs the peaceful atmosphere of our land.
With this picture in view, the future looks bleak. Nevertheless, if the youngster can roll up their sleeve to set things right and open their eyes to see things the way they really arethen there is a sure hope for the Naga people!Nagas need ambitious and radical activists who are not afraid to challenge the present stalemate system. Youths who are matured enough to point out the faults and well-equipped to re-build the broken walls of our society. Youths free from the clutches of avarice, worldliness,applause, earthly comforts and who are willing to be unpopular in the pursuit for common good and welfare. Youths free from the love of money and pleasures. Youths educated not simply toearn theirbread alone butbring enlightenmentto our people. Youths that mix knowledge with wisdom in the making of decisions. Youths that sets an exemplary model for the upcoming populaces. Youths that call spade a spade and be ruthless in the execution of justice. Youths that goes beyond mere rhetoric’s and fanciful speeches. Youths that cares not about position but the accountability in his/her doings. Youths that places the God of Christianity above all other else. If there but one that possesses these virtues, then the new generation will be able to bring about the desired transformation.
Of course the task is so gigantic but not impossible. This vision calls forth for the new generation to be pro-active in all areas of learning and knowledge. The shapers and moulders for our brighter tomorrow cannot sleep and remain indifferent to these situations. The attitude of complaining and grumbling about road connectivity, water supply and electricity is not changing the stagnant and unconcerned authorities anymore. Raising our concerns to the present leaders is of little success. Yet out of frustration, let’s not repeat the same to our next generation. Let’s follow the way of love and show that we are a different breed of people. Why follow the same old rules and principles? Why not opt for a change? Yes, we got to rise up and stand together! Why not put an end to the entire embittered rift created by the former generation? Why should we hold on to the old baggage when it has nothing in store for us? With the new page on our hands, let’s write something different! A story that is unlike the previous pages filled with all kinds of corrupt practices and secret agendas. We will do it and by God’s grace, we will succeed, Amen.

By EMN Updated: Jan 17, 2016 9:57:23 pm