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14 tribes of Nagaland acknowledge ‘national workers’

By EMN Updated: Oct 10, 2019 1:28 am

Dimapur, Oct. 9 (EMN): The 14 tribes of Nagaland on Wednesday appreciated the “national organisations and the national workers” for keeping the fire of Naga nationalism burning all these years and reaffirmed their stand for early solution of Naga political issue.

The press release made available to the media by KT Vilie on Wednesday stated that the leadership of the 14 tribes of Nagaland issued the statement “in the interest of the general public.”

“The 14 tribes of Nagaland appreciate and acknowledge the selfless sacrifices and contribution of the national organisations and the national workers for keeping alive the Naga political issue over the past many decades and for taking the Naga political movement thus far whereby the unique History of the Naga people has been acknowledged by the Government of India,” read the press release.

“The 14 tribes stand united on the principle of early solution to the prolonged Naga political problem and to ensure an end to bloodshed within the Naga society,” it added.

It went on to say that the 14 tribes recently called on the Governor of Nagaland and expressed their appreciation to both the Government of India and the negotiators for working hard to solve the Naga issue. They stated that the negotiators should hear the cry of the people and ink the final agreement without further delay.

“…solution should be worked out at the earliest and the unresolved issues kept alive should be continued to be deliberated for achievement in a specific time-bound manner through non-violent, democratic and universally acceptable manner,” the statement.

By EMN Updated: Oct 10, 2019 1:28:44 am