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What About the Real Issues? What About the People?

By   /  March 25, 2019  /  Comments Off on What About the Real Issues? What About the People?

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In a few days from now, the people of India will elect a new government. Usually the outcome of such exercises are determined by the performance of the incumbent government and the promises made by the opposition. But, strangely, the forthcoming general election is not a fight between the above mentioned two. The party in power is not speaking much about what it has achieved during the last five years. At the same time, the opposition it seems has no alternative plans to rule the country. In the absence of these vital parameters which help the electorate to elect a government, we are witnessing chest thumping, badmouthing, horse trading and concerted efforts to manipulate the election results by playing the religion and caste cards. Such a picture is totally unwanted in a democracy. It only proves that even after seven decades of adopting democratic set up, we are yet to understand the real meaning of democracy.

Democracy is not all about winning elections. If more and more countries are adopting democracy, the reason is hidden somewhere else. Democracy is not limited to selecting the ruler. Its main job is to provide justice to each and every citizen. But over the years, we have reduced democracy as a tool to acquire power. In this regard, our ever-warring political parties and their leaders have shown great solidarity. Be it Congress, BJP or any other regional party, every party did everything possible to hang on to power without being mindful about the hopes and aspirations of the people.

Thus it is no wonder that is a general election the political parties are not finding any issues to bank on. In 2014, NDA came to power promising development. But as per the government records, major infrastructure projects are nowhere near completion which is putting extra burden on exchequer. The promise of Good governance has gone out of the windows. 218 hate crimes had taken place in 2018 itself and till now not a single person has been punished, and it is better not to talk about the economy. If inflation is under control now, it is because of lower price of crude oil at the international market. Agricultural growth is almost negative. Farmers are committing suicide. Manufacturing units are closing down. Indian economy is surviving only on service sector. In such a situation, it was the duty of the opposition parties to come out with an alternative roadmap to revive the falling economy of the country. But with an eye on vote bank, the parties are indulging in all sorts of promises which will put the economy in more danger. The promises of loan waiver or universal income guarantee schemes are steps to destroy the economy, to say the least. But leaders of the opposition parties are generous in promising such steps without being bothered about the health of economy.

There is strange unanimity among all the political parties not to speak about the issues which affects the livelihood of commoners. India will not prosper if even after teaching Pakistan a proper lesson for promoting terrorism. India will not prosper if we manage to build bullet trains or countless airports. India will not prosper if we finally manage to land on moon. India will only prosper if we manage to get rid of poverty; if we can ensure health and education to our people. It’s a pity that no one is talking about these issues while campaigning for votes.

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