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Steal From the Rich

By   /  December 7, 2017  /  Comments Off on Steal From the Rich

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As the state draws near to yet another election the anticipation by the people as well as the political parties seems less as compared to other years. However it should not befool anyone because the simple reason being the present uncertainty in the political circles. The continuing tussle in the ruling Nagaland Peoples’ Front party being the major contributor. It also seems that the ECI is also yet to announce the exact dates probably for the same reasons, NPF being the single largest party in the state now with an absolute majority in the house and the tussle reaching court of the ECI.
It can also be presumed that the Clean Election Campaign spearheaded by the Nagaland Baptist Churches’ Council may also have some effect. However the reports of stray incidents indicate otherwise. With enough supply of money to fulfil the demands, the forthcoming elections will be no different than all the past elections. Nevertheless the present lull may have saved the intending candidates a lot of money. Else, in the Christian majority state of Nagaland the one Christmas just before the state assembly elections is the best for many, at least economically if not spiritually.
A very skewed concept from the tale of Robin Hood, the legendary English hero who stole from the rich to feed the poor persists in Nagaland. It is simple, the leader starting right from the smallest unit of the society, the family to that of the highest , the elected representatives in the state assembly becomes the patriarch. Whatever this person does is right in the eyes of those within his circle. The ‘side incomes’ the other name for money amassed through corruption and the number of jobs provided through unfair means are metrics of the leader’s success or failure in the eyes of his people. Unfortunately for the state, this mentality was celebrated even by the many Church for the past many decades.
So any form of investigation or inquiry is considered an attack on the leaders cohort. The last option being the ‘why only us, everyone corrupts’ syndrome. Moreover, as election approaches the remaining lot, to be with the crowd has their own justification. That anyways the money used during elections are from corrupt sources. If not availed it is a loss for the one refusing to demand and take. So at present, although the many talks of fighting the system continues there are but few to bell the cat.

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