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Scratched Record

By   /  October 15, 2018  /  Comments Off on Scratched Record

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Global political standards are on a decline, the language of politics has also changed from refined words of statesmen earlier to the cruder everyday language of the present politicians around the world. For better or for worse if only such a style had better impact on the masses and was well-intentioned then any change would be welcome. In Nagaland too this phenomenon is currently on the rise with the political parties getting used to this new found style of language. In the latest spat between the NDPP and the NPF party, the former went up to the extent of calling opposition party and ‘old tape recorder’ playing the same tune. Whether such title suited the opposition party or not is a matter between the two parties since rhetoric is part and parcel of politics.

However, when that limit is crossed then it just becomes distasteful. The opposition party’s reply had one very shocking statement – that dislodging any ruling government is the prime requisite of any opposition party. Such a statement indicates that standard of politics in Nagaland have reached the nadir. The opposition party or parties as the name suggests are there to oppose the ruling government in matters of policies that are against their policies and ideologies. This is the reason why in many of the Westminister System of government there are shadow cabinets. This ensures that every policy and action of the minister is scrutinised by the counterpart in the shadow cabinet. This keeps the ruling government in check and the people benefit as a whole. Dislodging a government is the last option. Only in cases of utter failure of the ruling government that leads to public unrest and loss of trust by elected members on the leader of the House are attempts made to dislodge the ruling government. India with its evolving politics over the decades incorrectly perceives the dislodging of democratically elected governments as a ‘prime requisite’, a view shared by the NPF party in Nagaland sated. Attempt to dislodge a ruling government actually is against the spirit of democracy. It either indicates the scarcity of intellect of the party’s leader or those assigned to churn out such press statements.

With nothing much to retort the NPF party again tried to rake up the alleged statement the chief minister made to a news channel in July. Clarifications were made that the chief minister was only relaying what was said to him. Moreover during the recent assembly session in the month of September, it made another resolution for the integration of all contiguous Naga inhabited areas. So what is the use of raking up that issue again? As stated earlier in this same column earlier it is clear that the state’s chief minister was just acting as the messenger. Although politics can be a bit dirty at times when someone’s integrity is questioned, especially on an issue such as Naga integration, which is the aspiration of the Naga people, then it is crossing limits. The NPF should instead pick up a copy of all the ruling alliance partners’ manifestos and question them one by one. That will surely benefit the people. Instead, the opposition party really is starting to sound like a scratched record that repeatedly cycles the same sound.

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