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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Tutu Terhuja

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The talented Tutu Terhuja currently pursuing her BA at Kohima College started her musical career in the year 2014. She credits her family as the force behind her dream of singing.

She grew up listening to Abba, Elvis Presley,  Homecoming friends and later Adele, referring to herself as an “old soul” her music focuses beyond present trends in music with touches of R & B and jazz.

Her debut single ‘If’ is about a girl loving a young guy for a long time just to find out that they were never meant to be together …

The young lady meaningfully describes ‘musical success’ as… ‘letting people inside my feelings and also share people’s grief, letting them know they’re not alone through my music’.

EASTERN MIRROR: What is your background and when and how did you get involved in the music world?

Tutu Terhuja: Born very lazy and timid. Singing was never me, I don’t even get in tune so honestly singing was something I hated my whole high school life. Both  my sisters they were into piano lessons and I was the only one without music  so after I cleared my HSLC in the year 2014, my mother and my sisters encouraged me or say almost everyone forced me to join music classes and I finally got admitted at Equip Musician Core, located at Chumukedima. I was first trained by Sir Asangba Pongen .


EASTERN MIRROR: Have you had any role models in your musical career?

Tutu Terhuja: I don’t have any role model as such, but after joining music school I slowly began to learn a little music and finally realised what my heart really wants.


EASTERN MIRROR: How would you describe your music?

Tutu Terhuja: I am an old soul, even though I’m still 19 I don’t really know about what is on trend.  I love and listen to oldies music.  I  would describe my music as song from an old soul with a touch of modern R & B and jazz.


EASTERN MIRROR: Which artists did you grow up listening to?

Tutu Terhuja: I grew up listening to Abba, Elvis Presley,  Homecoming friends and later Adele.


EASTERN MIRROR: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given as an artist?

Tutu Terhuja: The best piece of advice given to me as an artist is to be myself and that it has to be true. My teacher told me that the important thing is not always about hitting the right note or getting so technically correct but music is a form of art in its highest sense and it’s about conveying the emotion to the audience having that connection instead of being able to sing amazingly which also comes as a part of package.

But the important deal is to be who you are and to lose yourself in music and not worry about being too technical.


EASTERN MIRROR: What is your debut original ‘If’ all about?

Tutu Terhuja: ‘IF’ is a very straightforward song. It’s about a girl loving a young man for a very long time. But in the end she finally realises  that they weren’t meant for each other . The guy even tried to be friendly and they even actually ended up as friends. However there was never the kind of love she so longed for. It’s like saving a piece of an aching but beautiful memory in a song and moving on. I sincerely want to thank Richa production team for their continuous support in the making of this song and also to the composer Medo Kense.


EASTERN MIRROR: According to you, what are the most important priorities a musician should focus on while striving for a successful musical career?

Tutu Terhuja: Success is measured differently by different people. For me, the most important meaning of success would be letting people inside my feelings and also share people’s grief letting them know they’re not alone through my music.  That would be my definition of success.  To be able to reach out to humanity and make an impression on people’s hearts no matter how small the effect may be in the world.


EASTERN MIRROR: Any news releases for this year?

Tutu Terhuja: My sisters are really supportive to me. They are helping me in every way they can by writing and composing songs for me. I’m working on a new song, hopefully I’ll be able to release before the year ends.



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