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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with The Great Decade

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When four different musically gifted lads from diverse musical backgrounds and influences join forces, it is guaranteed to produce a cacophony of an uncanny nature. This is what happened when Apang Aier(vox), Senti Longkumer(Guitar), Tongpang Jamir(Bass) and Anok Pongen(drums) came together under the banner , “THE GREAT DECADE” (TGD) and try blending in their various personal musical influences. They have already created a style and vibe which they can proclaim to be their own in the local music circuit. In an exclusive interview with Eastern Mirror’s Rhythm Of Love, Presenting the four rebels with a cause who let their music do the talking

Eastern Mirror: How did the name The Great Decade came into being?

TGD: Personally, our quest to become musicians took us nearly ten years playing and experimenting with various genres and sounds. We were all playing in different bands back then and right after we decided to form a band, our front man Apang Aier came up with the name “The Great Decade”, drawing inspirations from the musical journey every member took individually. We found the name cool and thought it sounded really progressive as well.


Eastern Mirror: Can you name some band Artists that have influenced you?

TGD:  Some of the artist we look forward to are- Tesseract, Animals As Leaders, Plini, RHCP, Coldplay, AWOLNATION, K.O.L etc


Eastern Mirror:  Any original songs from the band?

TGD: Currently, We have completed recording our maiden single “Buffering state of authority” which is a progressive/funk rock song. The song is in the final mastering process by Mozuchen K Yanthan (Infinite Records) Kohima. Hopefully, we will make it available soon through various websites like indihut, Bandcamp, Youtube and reverbnation.


Eastern Mirror: From where did you draw inspiration for the song?

TGD: Well, our song, “Buffering state of authority” was mainly inspired from all the chaos surrounding us; be it political or social. In this song, we portrayed an individual caught in a predicament of his own choosing when he as an individual had and have the power to ascertain his rights to change the course for the better but rather chose to remain cocooned in self doubt.


EM: As a band, how and where do you look for inspiration to write new materials?

TGD: We do not have any set of rules to write new materials. All the songs are the product of sudden inspiration from a small riff or a rhyme from any members while fiddling inside the bands’ jam room. And, we like to keep our songs straight, honest and rebellious.


Eastern Mirror: Any local bands from where you drew inspirations from?

TGD: We absolutely love Polar Lights. We love their approach of penning their lyrics and the way they infuse their music with it. It is a celebration of a beautiful marriage between poetic writing and intrepid music of the highest order. We also love Abiogenisis and Joshua & The Note Ninjas (Kohima). We also love Incipit band. Their level of professionalism and live shows are what we as a band try to emulate and hope to achieve in the future.


Eastern Mirror: What is your ultimate goal as a band?

TGD: As a band, we would love to continue making good music, travel around the globe playing in different festivals, promoting our music and …tasting good food along the way.

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