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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with ‘The Garden Band’

By   /  May 11, 2017  /  Comments Off on Rhythm of Love: In conversation with ‘The Garden Band’

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Breaking stereotype of serious 9-5 monotonous job, a group of young Horticulture Officers have come together coming out of their cocoon to share their love for music, calling themselves ‘The Garden Band’.
Formed in 2015 with the objective to entertain their department employees, these full of life, Horti Officers are all ready to set a bar for younger generation musician.
Read on to know more of this distinctive band and their concepts.

EASTERN MIRROR: Can you give us a brief introduction to what “The Garden Band” is and your music?
The Garden Band: The Garden Band was formed on 7th December 2015 by a group of young Horticulture Officers from various districts of the state. Recently, the Garden Band had released a single album original song titled “The Garden”. The song appeals to the listeners to come to the garden, to sing and dance and live a happy and healthier life. The song was written by the Garden Band members inspired by the thoughts and concept of the honourable Parliamentary Secretary (Horti) Baba Kejong Chang which will be available and circulated in all the Whatsapp groups.

EASTERN MIRROR: What were the circumstances leading to “The Garden Band”?
The Garden Band: The Band was formed with an objective to entertain the department employees during various functions and occasions.

EASTERN MIRROR: Talk us through your song “The Garden”
The Garden Band: Our originals “The Garden” talks about the beauty of a garden that gives food and life, peace and happiness, colours and fragrance, health and wealth to the people.

EASTERN MIRROR: How do you guys balance your music with your other obligations?
The Garden Band: Usually, our Band members meet during weekends. The rest of the days, officially, we are all very busy.

EASTERN MIRROR: Coming to your music, do you believe “The Garden Band” can set a trend?
The Garden Band: The Garden Band is an inspiring band to many talented youngsters thriving to come up with their originals in a unique way.

EASTERN MIRROR: Do you seek musical inspirations? If so who and why?
The Garden Band: Sorry! We don’t seek musical inspiration. In fact, we draw it from among ourselves only.

EASTERN MIRROR: So tell us one thing that we don’t know about you guys.
The Garden Band: The Garden Band will soon be releasing our unique album titled ‘The Garden’ where the contents of the song will be totally on crop plants only.

EASTERN MIRROR: What is your take on the present generation musicians of the state?
The Garden Band: Nagaland is flooded with many talented artistes. They should be identified, tapped and promoted locally and globally.

EASTERN MIRROR: Do you think singing competitions are providing better platform/opportunities to aspiring artistes?
The Garden Band: Yes! Competitions are a platform where talented artistes are identified and recognized by the people.

EASTERN MIRROR: Where do you see The Garden going from here?
The Garden Band: After our retirement from the public service we will be devoting our full time in the studio and live music. But till then, we would be playing for the department employees and the farming community only.

EASTERN MIRROR: How many members are there in the Garden Band?
The Garden Band: The Band is led by a Band Manager, Jerry Patton who is also a singer and a songwriter. The other band members are Senti Longchar (Vocals), Debbie Rutsa (Vocals), Temsu Longkumer (Rhythm and Lead), Talimeren (Rhythm and Lead Guitars), Anik Longkumer (Bass Guitars), Tiakaba Longchar (Drums), Bendang Chang (Vocal and Drums) Elu (Acoustic Guitars) and Temjen Longkumer as the official photographer. The Garden Band is assisted by Lichen Kichu from Divine Connection as a Technical Consultant.

EASTERN MIRROR: Any message to the readers from the “Garden Band”?
The Garden Band: “Add Music to Your Life and Live Longer”-The Garden Band.

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