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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Thang

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With not many individuals having such contrasting talents, musician Thang from Haflong, Assam is a 24 With not many individuals having such contrasting talents, musician Thang from Haflong, Assam is a 24 year old civil service aspirant who one day wishes to become a novelist.
Thang who is a self taught musician says that Haflong though a small town has many talented musicians who are waiting to be recognised and guided with a proper platform.
Identifying himself as an ‘observer’, Thang draws inspirations from real life.
His single ‘You’re Gone’ is a real life inspired song about a guy who lost his beloved and the life he lives without her.

EASTERN MIRROR: An introduction to those who haven’t heard of you yet…
Thang: My name is Thang and I hail from a small town Haflong in Assam. Music has always played an Important part in my life and like everyone else, I have big dreams to reach out to the millions of people through my songs.

EASTERN MIRROR: Your inspirations
Thang: My inspirations would be Etta James, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Steven Tyler, Bon Jovi , Sebastian Bach, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera . If Im a good singer today, it is because of them. i learned to sing humming to their timeless music .

EASTERN MIRROR: Kindly enlighten something about the music scenario of Haflong
Thang: There are many musical talents here at Haflong inspite of the fact that it is a small town with a small population. We do not have platforms, proper channels and people to guide us which is why most talents gets wasted. I personally feel that there is another young Frank Sinatara or Whitney Houston or Axl Rose or Eminem hidden here at Haflong and waiting to be recognised . All we need to do is to find them.

EASTERN MIRROR: As mentioned in indihut.. apart from singing you also enjoy reading, writing and wishes to become a novelist and a civil service aspirant….What do you wish to become?
Thang: Honestly , deep down , i wish to become a successful novelist.

EASTERN MIRROR: How was your musical journey like through the years?
Thang: So long I’m in touch with music, I’m always contented. So, through the years , it has always been a calm ride since I was nothing more than a bathroom singer untill I dropped my first single. But yes, I did improve my singing and song-writing and learned a lot from artists around the globe.

EASTERN MIRROR: Tops 5 tracks in your playlist. And 5 favourite bands of Haflong.
Thang: My top 5 tracks in my playlist would be :
Always – Bon Jovi
We Remain – Christina Aguilera
At Last – Etta James
I remember you – Skid Row
time after time – Cyndi Lauper
And my 5 favourite bands from Haflong would be :
Black Avengers
The Disciples
The Pirates
Vaunted Exorcists
Project Spj

EASTERN MIRROR: Say something about your single ‘You’re Gone’.
Thang: I am an observer and I usually draw inspirations from real life . You’re Gone started out in a Cafe in Shillong during the summer of 2016 . Souls Cafe Shillong and the stories and the vision of the Cafe inspired me to write You’re Gone. You’re Gone is about a guy who lost his beloved and how he led his life thereafter without her. It is story-telling , a pop soul power ballad .

EASTERN MIRROR: If given a chance to perform with a musician from Nagaland, who would it be and why?
Thang: Nagaland is bestowed with so many talented musicians . this is difficult for me to answer it because I can’t choose one. I feel it would be a privilege to get to perform with any musician from Nagaland.

EASTERN MIRROR: Any plans to perform in Nagaland soon?
Thang: Always have been planning but haven’t gotten the opportunity yet. But given the chance , it would be dream come true to perform in Nagaland.

EASTERN MIRROR: Favourite quote.
Thang: “ Be Good, Do good , give more because what goes around, comes around “ ~ Thang

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