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Rhythm of Love; In conversation with Technicolors

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Technicolors is a four member alternative pop-rock band based in Kohima.In 2014,Nguvito (Ato) ( vocals), Richard Kath(lead guitar and backing vocals), Meribemo (bass guitar) and Vivito Lohe(drums)came together to form ‘Technicolors’.
As the band name indicates, ‘Technicolors’ presents an original blend of modern rock, making it a new age style of music and the four artist believe with their hearts that this will take them the distance.


EASTERN MIRROR: An insight into Technicolors birth
Technicolors: Richard (Guitarist) and Vivito(Drummer) had plans to form a band and in the process roped in Nguvito for vocal work and Meribemo as the Bassist. Technicolors began as a dream project and it’s been a wonderful run thus far.

EASTERN MIRROR: Two years into the music industry as a band, talk us through your debut experience.
Technicolors: With musical knowledge we picked up on our individual journeys with music and the bare minimum of gadgets we began jamming and stringing songs together. It was not easy then and it’s still not easy. We don’t have proper band equipment so we borrowed instruments, played when we could where we could and despite it all, somehow, the songs came around and the opportunities happened. It’s been sensational that way and we are really grateful to all the love and support we have received along the way. It wouldn’t have been possible without all of that.

EASTERN MIRROR: What does your band name signify and what does it try to convey
Technicolors: Technicolors quite rolled off the tongue, sounded good, kitschy, modern etc. etc. what have you. And we liked it so we stuck with it.

EASTERN MIRROR: Do you write your own songs? What are the contributions that each of you make?
Technicolors: Yes, we write the songs. Usually we have a Concept in mind, a cornerstone…and thereafter we all work on the song together, building around this concept, this idea that we want to project in the song. It’s a collaborative effort. We don’t limit ourselves to our parts alone. Suggestions fly and we try to gel things together so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Hopefully that is how the songs come across as.

EASTERN MIRROR: What are the themes ‘Tecnicolors’ basically focus and why?
Technicolors: The lyrics we write are often contemporary and talk about the issues that matter to us at the moment. It will perhaps evolve with us as our thoughts and our music grows.
Our focus is mostly on the music. We want to bring back some raw guitar, great bass riffs, edgy drums etc. It is a trend here for musicians to get carried away with what sells or is in vogue or popular and that’s good, it works for them. But as a band that wants to stay true to the roots of the music that inspired us we don’t want to throw it all away and jump on the electro bandwagon. We are happy if our music can kindle some reminiscent memories (in the listener’s mind) of the music we loved and drew upon as we grew into the musicians we are today.

EASTERN MIRROR: What is the best thing about performing as a band and the negative part of it?
Technicolors: Well, the stage is the one place where we feel complete. It’s a getaway from all those hardships we face on a daily basis which would come as a surprise to those who imagine that performance pressure would get to us. Of course, that’s there but when you feel as alive as we do while making and playing music one cannot think of a negative that takes away from the high.

EASTERN MIRROR: How do you manage onstage mistakes?
Technicolors: We don’t hahaha. We shrug it off and continue. The show must go on.

EASTERN MIRROR: How far would you guys want to go ahead as ‘Technicolors’. Any upcoming project?
Technicolors: We wish with all our hearts to go the distance. Looking at the state of affairs, however, the odds are thoroughly stacked against us. Nonetheless if we have to survive on talent alone we will continue to polish ourselves and see where it takes us.
Sadly, it’s almost criminal to have aspirations and ambition in Nagaland as a musician which is sad because people love music but money makes those with power disregard huge talent and though it hasn’t happened with us we’ve seen other talented young people being shown the door.
We are writing songs everyday in our heads, in our hearts, when we jam, when we can’t. Hopefully some of them will see the light of day and you’ll love them as much as we do.

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