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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Switch Blade

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SWITCH BLADE, is a multi-faceted five-member band that experiments with Alternative, Progressive and Metal music genres. They have been together for almost seven years and to their accolades “Switch Blade” were the winners of “Best of the Best” All Nagaland Rock Contest 2011 and 2nd runner-up of “Let’s Rock” 2010. The band members were also credited with Winner of Best Drummer in “Best of the Best” All Nagaland Rock Contest 2011 and Best Vocal in North East Art Fusion Contest 2011.

EASTERN MIRROR: For the record, could you guys introduce us and the role you play in ‘Switch Blade’?
Switch Blade: Hi everyone. We are a bunch of five guys, who pretty much love music, so we decided to form a band way back in the year 2010 on November 10. We have Lemti on the vocals, Nikato on the Bass, Ali and Lipok on the Guitar and Akhrielie Gangmei on the Drums.

EASTERN MIRROR: How did you guys get your start in music?
Switch Blade: Well each one of us come from a different background, musically. And if your question meant “how did we all get our start in music Together” then it was during our higher secondary days, we got a chance to participate in a college for a fresher’s day programme. So we assembled ourselves and started our practice. It clicked, and it felt like we have been doing this for a long time. So that was our start together.

EASTERN MIRROR: What does your band name signify and where did it come from?
Switch Blade: Frankly speaking, our band name doesn’t signify anything specific. Hahaha!! One fine day, after forming the band, we needed a “Cool” name for our band. We came up with lots, but not a single name suited us. We were very particular choosing band names at that time haha!!). Later, one of them whispered “Switch Blade”. Drum rolls…..TAAAADAAaaaaa……..Thumbs up of all the five members. Since then, we are known by that name.

EASTERN MIRROR: In every music genre there are bands that are just a simple duplicate of another band. What do you consider as the USP of ‘Switch Blade’?
Switch Blade: All the five of us have different tastes in music and our own influences through our contributions; we try to keep our music as original as possible. As for our “USP” as mentioned by you, we have a small fan base and we are trying to deliver what is expected from us by them. We are still working on it (Fingers Crossed).

EASTERN MIRROR: Working as a group is not easy especially when each individual having different ideas and taste. How do you work it out? Any issues you have faced initially?
Switch Blade: That’s a very good question actually haha!! Like we have told you earlier about our influences and taste in music, sometimes it becomes very difficult for us……… write a single line of lyrics or just to come up with a set or pattern of a song , keeping in mind about each other, if he will be comfortable or will it be pleasant to his ear. But at the end of the day, we always sort it out and come up with a song where everyone’s ideas are utilized and executed efficiently.

EASTERN MIRROR: Share with us your musical memories that ‘Switch Blade’ have had so far. What makes it special?
Switch Blade: We have had, quite a journey so far. Lots of memories, “pleasant one’s” even “unpleasant ones” too hahaha!!! From the start i.e. November 10, 2010, we have participated in a couple of shows. Our first achievement was, when we bagged the 2nd runners up title for a contest known as “Lets’ Rock” held in Kohima.
The next and the biggest achievement for us was, when we were declared the winner for
“Best of the Best” All Nagaland rock Contest, 2011 organised by the Mind blowers Club, Dimapur, where Ahkrielie, our drummer, bagged the “Best Drummer” title for the same show.
Represented Nagaland in the “Northeast Art Fusion contest 2011” held in Dimapur.
Lemti was judged as the “Best Vocalist” for the contest.
These are the memories, which have made our musical journey “SPECIAL”.

EASTERN MIRROR: Coming from different professions and workplace, how you do guys balance your music with other obligations as working individuals?
Switch Blade: Well that’s another very good and important question from your end. See like before, we don’t get time to meet up for practice and Jam every now and then. Since every member of this band is employed or either engaged in something or the other. But “HOMEWORK” plays a very vital role in this juncture, for the band. We plan up, exchange materials among ourselves and do our “homework”, then on the appointed day, we meet up and practice. We follow this routine over and over again.

EASTERN Mirror: What’s next for “Switch Blade”?
Switch Blade: Switch Blade is busy, trying to come up with some EP’s, some shows on our mind, juggling work and music at the same time, so on and so forth.:)
And also we would like to thank Eastern Mirror team for taking out your precious time and sitting with us for this interview. Stay Tuned!!!

The Band Members are:
Lemtiba Rudy- Vocal
Aliba Thonger- Guitar
Lipoksasong- Guitar
Nikato Albert Swu- Bass
Akhrielie Gangmei- Drum

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