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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Storyline

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Storyline is a Christian band comprising young believers with a common vision to bring you a band that relates a Christian life.  The band follows their passion to sing and make use of it for God’s glory and by objective not for fame.
In today’s ‘Rhythm of Love’ Storyline talks about their love and motivation for making music.

EASTERN MIRROR: For the record, could you guys introduce to us the roles you play in Storyline?

STORYLINE: Every person’s life has a story to relate. We bring to you a Christian band that relates a Christian life with a unique musical harmony. We call ourselves Storyline. It witnesses Christian life experiences and stories through calm yet unique musical harmonization. The band members are young and talented people: Yangerla, Sanen Jamir, Achang, and Imnawapang, the band’s manager.

EASTERN MIRROR: What does your band’s name signify and where did it come from?

STORYLINE: We don’t have “hash tag” indication to our band’s name. Rather most of our original songs are drawn from our testimonies and the journey on how we are blessed. We thought of putting together all our stories into songs and share it with people and that’s how the name of our band also popped out.


EASTERN MIRROR: How long have you all known each other? How did you meet?

STORYLINE: It’s been quite long since we have known each other. We have been serving together as worship members in the same worship team for years now and that’s how we assemble together.

EASTERN MIRROR: Who are your biggest musical influences?

STORYLINE: There are uncountable Christian music bands, both local and international, which have influenced and inspired us. So it would be unfair to mention just a few of them.


EASTERN MIRROR: What got you all involved in this in the first place? What inspired you to make music together?

STORYLINE: We just followed our passion to sing and make use of it for God’s glory, not for any name or fame. As mentioned we just tried blending with the notes, time harmonizing and assembling formats and snap! We were filled to share God’s immense love to people around through our passion. That’s how it came about.


EASTERN MIRROR: What excites Storyline most about Christian music today?

STORYLINE: Christian music is very influential in reaching out to the people including unbelievers to make them know who God is and to feel his presence through music. What excites us about Christian music is that it is not fame-oriented. Instead it’s about reaching out to one person at a time through the charm of music. It soothe, anoints and comforts even the unreached sections of the people.


EASTERN MIRROR: What are the main themes or topics Storyline focuses on?

STORYLINE: Storyline emphasises testifying God’s goodness to people. It also focuses on true life testimonial songs.


EASTERN MIRROR: Working as a band is not easy. What has been your biggest challenge as a band? How do you overcome them?

STORYLINE: Resembling the challenges faced by any other bands, we also face difficulties in scheduling our practice, composition, music, working on lyrics. But most importantly we pray together as a band.


EASTERN MIRROR: What’s the ultimate direction for your band?

STORYLINE: In simple words, Storyline’s ultimate direction is to share our experiences and stories in our walk with God with the hope to testify about God and the prayer to bring hope and peace.


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