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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Soyingo Kikon

By   /  October 5, 2017  /  Comments Off on Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Soyingo Kikon

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Soyingo Kikon singer/song-writer from Kohima, Nagaland, a native of Mungya Village, Wokha, found his love and passion for music when he started singing and playing music during sunday school, and ever since and music has been an integral part of his life.
As a usual Naga he picked up guitar as the first musical instrument and later took up piano lessons which he says increased his love for music, which led to his first song “Don’t say goodbye” which is out on Indihut.
Read on to know more about this upcoming artist as he gets candid with Rhythm of Love.

EASTERN MIRROR: How did you get started with playing and creating music?
Soyingo Kikon: Music has always been a part of me since I can remember. I’ve always been playing music since I was a kid. I first started with playing guitar then I started taking up piano lesson, ever since then I’ve been shifting from guitar to piano and creating music just came to me when I embraced these two instruments.

EASTERN MIRROR: What got you to write “Don’t say goodbye”? What was the inspiration for “Don’t Say Goodbye”?
Soyingo Kikon: Well, inspiration can come from anything and anywhere but to be frank there is someone special who inspired this song. But I’ll be more comfortable keeping it to myself (hahaha)

EASTERN MIRROR: What was it like to work on “Don’t Say Goodbye” with your friends?
Soyingo Kikon: It’s always fun working with this bunch of people. I’ve know them for very long and we have been playing together so it was more easy to put in ideas and they have a lot of contribution to this song. And as much as the success of this song goes they are also equally included in it.
The musicians behind “Don’t Say Goodbye” are:
Soyingo Kikon- on Vocal & keyboards, Dorothy Ngullie (vocal), Chubaonen Kichu (guitar), Konathung Ezung (guitar), and Yanbemo Yanthan (bass guitar).

EASTERN MIRROR: Are you more of a singer or a song-writer?
Soyingo Kikon: I’m definitely more of a performer than a writer.

EASTERN MIRROR: What are your fondest musical memories?
Soyingo Kikon: Ummm there is a lot to mention but if I think of a recent event, making of my song will be the fondest memory so far.

EASTERN MIRROR: What’s your favourite piece of music and why?
Soyingo Kikon: Well, I don’t have a particular choice of music. I enjoy all kinds of music as long as it makes me feel and I can connect to it.

EASTERN MIRROR: If you could collaborate with any artist from Nagaland who would that be and why?
Soyingo Kikon: I don’t have anyone in mind particularly as of now but I’m open to collaborate with anyone if it comes along my way because everyone has their own way of creating music and I can learn a lot from them. Also, it is always fun working with another musician.

EASTERN MIRROR: What changes would you like to see in the music industry to allow you to make a living from your music?
Soyingo Kikon: I wish we had more platforms where local artist are encouraged.

EASTERN MIRROR: What are your plans & hopes for the future with regard to your music?
Soyingo Kikon: Well, music is something I do because I love to but right now I’m not thinking of pursuing it as my profession.
Lastly, for those who have not listened to my song, it is available to download on Indihut. So kindly go and check it out and do keep supporting. Thank you.

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