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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with SNF

By   /  December 29, 2016  /  Comments Off on Rhythm of Love: In conversation with SNF

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Dimapur based four piece band ‘Search and Found’ better celebrated as ‘SNF’ has been creating quite a storm post the Hornbill International Contest 2016 win.
The band features Wati Imchen (Lead guitarist), Neil Gonmei (on drums), Imnamaong Imchen (Bassist) and Albert Jinger (Vocalist). Their friendship takes back to their high school days and their passion for music kept them together.
Just a year into forming ‘SNF’ they have been hitting hat-trick by winning three successive contests making Hornbill International Rock Contest 2016 their fourth win.


Eimage-for-eiastern Mirror: For the record, could you guys introduce us and the role you play in SNF?
SNF: On the guitar, we have Wati Imchen, who has an ear for technical and sonic sounds over the axe with melodic slides and phrasings running through his fingers justifies his inviable repertoire of musical technicalities. Neil Gonmoi, a drummer who never ceases to amaze his fellow bandmates with his beats and fine touches over the skins. Imnamaong Imchen, the groovy bassist whose never-die attitude serves as a constant source of inspiration. His limited plucks over the bass at the tight runs is nothing short of ingenuity with class. Albert Jinger, vocalist, lyricist, and composer extraordinaire whose experience is an invaluable asset to the band.

Eastern Mi14516485_1177082032380171_555500705570552400_nrror: How did SNF come into reality? Talk us through your journey and the reason behind your band’s name.
SNF:Our message is simple as our name itself reflect, our zest to search and accomplish in life never ends but that does not mean we give up until it’s found and accomplished. So also, our music is inclined towards giving our audience a positive vibe. Beating the odds in life with a smile and positive attitude can make a difference. Initially, we simply got together and jammed over for a local contest this year. We have known each other since high school and some of whom were bandmates of other groups. We just happened to click and had same musical direction, thus band chemistry drove us on a winning streak.
We simply thought the name SNF(Search and Found) suited our musical journey and also our message to listeners out there which is ‘Hope’.
Eastern Mirror: How does the song writing process works for you? Do you have any influences?
SNF: We give equal importance to our lyrical content so as to our music that elevates t14572837_1122322121182142_4934586865962124943_nhe message. Most of our songs are a result over jamming sessions. Some other tricky ideas and technical sections are written over guitar riffs and we sum up over jamming.
Influences from pop to progressive rock bands permeates in our composition.

Eastern Mirror: Having played along with bands from other states, what differences have you guys become aware of?

SNF: We have not collaborated or associated with bands from other states but we did have the pleasure of sharing the stage with bands from outside the state. Our experience was positive and a learning curve too cause with every performance we witness, there are a thousand details that goes with it, hard work, persistence, dedication, etc…

Eastern Mirror: Have you guys made any stage slipped up? How do you handle those?
SNF: Yes, we make slight mistakes but that’s what live music is all about, to sound as human as possible. But we made sure, we avoid significant mistakes cause it’s a contest.
Practice and experience over the years performing is the key to gain confidence and there is no shortcut

14671149_883323181803599_5074233318302110133_nEastern Mirror: What was your winning streak at the Hornbill International Rock contest 2016? Has your schedule changed after the big win? 15676353_1384387574935608_3779627852891012012_o
SNF: It was our 4th win in a row this year, Rockville National Rock Contest, National Summer Beats battle of bands, TechAura National Rock Contest and HIRC. Words fall short to express our excitement and joy over accomplishment this feat. And winning not only the HIRC title but also grabbing the best guitarist title was an icing on the cake.
We took the holiday season off for a break and we plan to start off from the coming year, hopefully.

Eastern Mirror: What are some bands and some venues you like to play?

SNF: We would definitely like to collaborate with local acts and artists as well as with bands outside the state to expand our horizon and musical outlook.
As long as we are greeted with love and support from the audience, it would always be our pleasure to perform irrespective of the venue.

Eastern Mirror: What’s next for SNF? Any project in pipeline?
SNF: As of now, we plan to spend some more time in the studio and hopefully do some tours.

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