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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Sanepong Tzudir

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Sanepong Tzudir an aspiring musician, songwriter from Tuli, Mokokchung district developed his passion for music by performing in churches, gospel concerts and college functions.
His song “Agape Love” also won him award for “Song of the Year” in the 7th Music Award of Nagaland 2015.
Read on to know more about Sanepong’s commitment with music as he shares his musical journey with us.

13987618_1025522047547142_8418216286459996727_oEastern Mirror: To start with, for those who may be new to you and your music tell us about yourself as an artist?
Sanepong Tzudir : Hello! Sanepong Tzudir here, I’m from a small town which is Tuli under Mokokchung and I’m pursuing
y Bachelor of Theology in Discipleship Bible College, Dimapur.
Since my childhood, music has always been an influence on me and I began my music trip back then. I began to play with my friends around the corners in my town and in our church. Back then I was so much into Punk music so most of my music was all about Punk. However, my taste in music has totally changed after I encountered Christ.

Eastern Mirror: Tell us about the moment you decided to take music seriously. What prompted you to become a Gospel singer?
Sanepong Tzudir : As I have mentioned earlier, music has always been a great influence on me and so it was not a big decision for me to take music seriously. However, to be specific I started to take music very seriously after I met Christ. I must also add that meeting Christ had a g13063291_959236830842331_7057743330530628564_oreat impact on my music career.
Well, I often played Punk music during the initial years in my music trip. Moreover, I always felt the need to follow the trend in the arena of music. However, my perspective in music changed when I encountered Jesus personally and ever since Gospel music captured my heart and this new music taste sweeter and tastier to me.

Eastern Mirror: How do you balance your interest in music and your obligation as a student?
Sanepong Tzudir : While in college, as a student I am obligated to be responsible in my academic exercise as well participate in the college activities however these activities can never keep me away from music. Meanwhile, I am never too tired to work on music and as for me both music and my obligation as a student goes hand in hand.

Eastern Mirror: Talk us through your debut single “This I promise you” and “Agape love”
Sanepong Tzudir : My first single track “This I Promise You” featuring Yashirenla Longchari was released in 2015 and this song talks about one’s commitment in his or her life to God, a promise that whatever comes and no matter what may happen in life they will face towards Him alone.
“Agape Love” is the second single track that was released in the midst of August 2015 which is also available on INDIHUT for download and through this song I was blessed with the award “Song of the Year” in the 7th Music Award of Nagaland 2015 and the song conveys the message of love portrayed and enacted by Christ Jesus on the cross.
To the modern world, loving the unlovable seem to be the next to impossible things. However God, with all His mercy, is ever ready to love and to give hope even to those who do not deserve it and to those who have no hope of returning back.

Eastern Mirror: What do you think is the biggest misconception about gospel artists.
Sanepong Tzudir : Honestly, to me being a Gospel artist is a challenge because most of the Gospel artists striving for recognition are often being challenged either to stick to the old Gospel music or change the genre so as to be recognized by the people and this inconsistency has been a misconception when it comes to Gospel artists.

Eastern Mirror: As a musician three issues that you strongly feel about the music scenario of Nagaland.
Sanepong Tzudir : As a musician, taking the music scenario of Nagaland into my thoughts, I can clearly see issues and the top issue to me is the financial crisis of which many musicians can relate to. Next will be the issue of platform.
I believe that there are many gifted or talented musicians however only a few are privileged to step into the platform. The third issue will be that of the matter of less supportive from the masses. There are many talented musicians who have the potentiality to rise and go higher and it would have been brilliant if they could be given some assistance.

Eastern Mirror: What’s next for you?
Sanepong Tzudir: Next! This coming fall of April I’ll be releasing my new track “The Anniversary” on the occasion of our Principal Rev. O. Alem and his lady wife’s 45th wedding anniversary. After which I will work on my new video project “Coming Home” with the Tinted Light Studio which is already on the midway. This new project “Coming Home” is all about a believer’s response to God’s Agape Love.

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