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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Ronald Meckhrii

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Ronald Mech known as Echognize onstage is a young rapper/singer from Dimapur who started singing at a tender age of 12.
Influenced by underground rappers like Techn9ne, Wu tang clan, Immortal Technique, etc, the young artist describes ‘rap’ as ‘portraying your story’
His song ‘Mustafa’ is about giving oneself a break from one’s daily struggles while living in the present without regrets.
Expressing that the state requires wider platforms for artists, Ronald Mech credits Indihut for being the only website where artists can actually showcase their talents and that recently the website has also come up with a platform where artists can actually sell their songs on various other platforms!


EASTERN MIRROR: An intro on how you started on your musical journey…
Echognize (Ronald Meckhrii): It all started back when I was 12 years old. My cousin would get me some mixtapes by Bohemia, Nelly, Ja rule, Em and many more. I would listen to them and sing along. I grabbed my pen and pad and then started writing my own verses. Gradually, I started recording, people around me liked it and after a while I decided to release it.

EASTERN MIRROR: When did you first perform on stage?
Echognize(Ronald Meckhrii) : My first time would be my performance at the NCF Mumbai’s advent Christmas celebration back in 2012. I performed one of my originals, a Gospel rap.

EASTERN MIRROR: Your influences?
Echognize(Ronald Meckhrii) : My influences are mostly the underground rap artists. Techn9ne, Wu tang clan, Immortal Technique, Anilyst, Yama Buddha, Lil Dicky, Diabolic effect, Bohemia are some of the artists who inspire me.

EASTERN MIRROR: Your main focus when it comes to composing lyrics.
Echognize (Ronald meckhrii): Rapping is about portraying your story. When I write I always focus on how my lyrics will touch the audiences and whether or not they can actually relate to it. I like to keep it real for the people. You see, I can’t rap about Benzes now can I? I don’t own it and neither can I rap about cheddar.

EASTERN MIRROR: If given a chance to perform with an artist…who would you choose and why?
Echognize (Ronald Meckhrii): Divine !!! Yep! Definitely, Divine because when it comes rap he is the realist. If I ever get to perform alongside him then I have had achieved it all.

EASTERN MIRROR: What according to you are the obstacles faced by most of the talented musicians of Nagaland that stops them from reaching the world stage despite their talents?
Echognize (Ronald Meckhrii): First of all it’s the Platforms! There is definitely a shortage of it. And most artists work independently because there are no Records labels to back them up, no record dealings. And no agencies to help the artists get some sponsors.
Secondly, the audiences in Nagaland doesn’t really purchase the music, reason? Nagaland is still at her infancy when it comes to doing online businesses. Although, there are some people who actually supports local artists and buy their products. It’s a vicious circle revolving around fame and money.
Another obstacle would be the “Family”. Our parents want the best for us, a stable source of income for the family and clearly the music scene in Nagaland doesn’t provide much. Artists end up making albums and sell it door to door (utu bi kunba toh baki, kidding :D)
Indihut is the only website where the artists can actually showcase their talents and recently they came up with something new where the artists can actually sell their songs in various other platforms which is a good thing.

EASTERN MIRROR: Any incidents that you would like to share with your fans?
Echognize (Ronald Meckhrii): Nothing major to share about although I would like to thank the people for listening to our songs. You guys makes it possible for us to venture further. New album coming up soon , hope the crowd will appreciate it.

EASTERN MIRROR: Top five songs on your playlist.
Echognize (Ronald Meckhrii):
1)Anilyst- No Mercy
2)Techn9ne- A*****e
3)Immortal Technique- No Mercy
4)Bohemia- Kali de Nali
5)Dizaster- Shots Fired

EASTERN MIRROR: Your favourite quote…
Echognize(Ronald Meckhrii): “Smile because You are Priceless with no Price tags” – Aimless (Chinmay R. Gaikwad)

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