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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Renbithung Ngullie

By   /  September 21, 2017  /  Comments Off on Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Renbithung Ngullie

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Renbithung Ngullie a young upcoming indie electronic producer from Wokha, Nagaland is an artist to look out for with his unique blend of music, especially for EDM genre enthusiasts.

Drawing inspirations from Getter and Excesion, Lowly Palace, The Chainsmokers, and Marshmello, this 19-year old student of BCA from NIELIT institution Merima is tech savvy and this passion has proved to be handy for this artistic lad especially with his love for EDM.

In today’s Rhythm of love Renbi aka 3RROR404 (his stage name) talks to us about the Interesting story behind his stage name and his musical journey.

EASTERN MIRROR: For readers who aren’t familiar with you, can you give us a run-through of who you are, what you are currently doing and how you started?
Renbithung Ngullie: Well, for the readers I’m Renbithung Ngullie, 19 years of age and currently doing my B.C.A 1st Semester from NIELIT institution Merima.
Coming to music I actually started my music journey by matching some beats messing with different sounds and bpm’s from a software called Virtual DJ pro so after I got the hang of that I started to get my hands on some DAW’S, currently I use FL studio and also had to download some additional plugins which were kinda hard to get use to but eventually I started to know them better.
Other than Music I do some balling (basketball), Photoshop, sketching, some graphic designing too and have also set myself to learn adobe after effects.

EASTERN MIRROR: How would you describe your sound/music?
Renbithung Ngullie: I would describe my sound/music as somewhat different from my point of view, somewhat dreamy somewhat melancholic and also a lil bit of everything I must add, which you will know if you listen my debut track ‘melancholy’. lol

EASTERN MIRROR: You also go by the name ‘3RROR404’. It looks puzzling and powerful too. Can you talk us through the creation of this name?
Renbithung Ngullie: And the name 3RROR404? Well, it’s a funny story. To be honest 3RROR404 just came up suddenly.
While I was browsing for some plugins the internet went down and was showing ‘ERROR404 NO RESULT FOUND’.
So, I was like Hey!! this could work yeah so I changed the ‘E’ into a ‘3’ and as you know ERROR404 is no result found I kept it and was thinking to myself ‘3RROR404 NO DJ FOUND’ *laughing to myself* and thats how I found the name.

EASTERN MIRROR: When did you begin producing indie electronic? What drove you to embark on a career in music?
Renbithung Ngullie: I was 14 and actually always have loved EDM form the moment I heard the bass dropped I fell in and really wanted to create my own…at first I was into hip hop and other genres but one day I heard dubstep and I was like mindblown I literally had goosebumps I was so thrilled and astonished I started to watch tutorials on youtube and also bought Fl studio which really suited my purposes, then and there I started my journey.

EASTERN MIRROR: Talk us through your creative process in making music.
Renbithung Ngullie: Actually creating my music depends on the mood and situation that I’m in.

EASTERN MIRROR: Coming back to the music scenario of the state, what do you find discouraging in the music industry? What do you think is the most important thing Naga artists should do to promote themselves better?
Renbithung Ngullie: Based on my experience the thing which I find discouraging in our music industry is that there lacks platforms for which many local artists tend to go unnoticed and without much opportunities.
Therefore, many local artists are left out and their talents are being wasted.
But thanks to Indihut some local artists get the platform and the opportunity to harness and show their talent to the public and also the Naga people should come out of their zone and throw away their shyness and embrace the opportunity that is being given, which will benefit them and also the Nagas as well.

EASTERN MIRROR: What have you been up to lately as far as music is concern?
Renbithung Ngullie: As far as music is concerned I love making them and listening too but as my health is a bit down I’ve currently stopped, period and also as being a student still. I have to do that part of my life too and as exams are approaching I also have to get my guns up and study as well.

EASTERN MIRROR: What can we expect from you in the coming days?
Renbithung Ngullie: Well, as in the coming days I would be coming hard with some bangers and vibes for the public and hopefully bring some mutual understanding with the public and keep the people grooving.

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