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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Pretty Rhythm

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Pretty Rhythm, as the name suggests, is a four-member all-girls band from Dimapur that was formed in early 2017. Since their inception as Pretty Rhythm, these girls have been the face and voice of a number of events in Dimapur.

The band comprises four vocalists: Likivi and Lovikali Yepthomi who are pursuing BA at Unity College; Vinika Yepthomi pursuing BA at Tetso College; and Viputoli Achumi, a music student.

Their journey started in their church. Rhythm of Love catches up with Pretty Rhythm as they share their journey into the music world.



EASTERN MIRROR: How did you all get together as Pretty Rhythm and how long have you been performing?

Pretty Rhythm: We are friends who have been singing as a solo artist mostly at church. It was the congregation who encouraged us to form a group and thereafter Pretty Rhythm happened. It’s been one and half years.


EASTERN MIRROR: What’s with the name of your group “Pretty Rhythm”?

Pretty Rhythm: The name of our group was suggested by one of our former members. We liked the name and l agreed to go with Pretty Rhythm to identify ourselves as a band.


EASTERN MIRROR: How would you describe your music to people who have not heard you before?

Pretty Rhythm: We would describe our music as young and honest. We try out different genres as we haven’t got to the writing our own music yet. We’re at a developing, experimental stage so our music is raw and vulnerable but exciting.


EASTERN MIRROR: Do you write your own songs? If so what is your song writing process?  Do you have any influences?

Pretty Rhythm: No, as of now but we hope to write in the near future. An artist that expresses passionately and spreads happiness through their songs or music influences us greatly.


EASTERN MIRROR: Working as a group is not easy especially when each individual has different ideas and taste. How do you work it out? Any issues you have faced initially?

Pretty Rhythm: Of course we do face some trivial issues. But working as a group made us understand the depth of teamwork, considering each one of our different situations and opinions which works to our advantage at the end of the day. Fortunately our taste in music is similar so there isn’t much of a problem.


EASTERN MIRROR: How do you balance your music with other obligations as a student?

Pretty Rhythm: We come together during the weekends and sometimes after class in special case. It is also possible because of the support of our families.


EASTERN MIRROR: What is your take on the music scenario of Nagaland? Issues that you strongly feel about music in Nagaland? 

Pretty Rhythm: Music in Nagaland has improved from before. We have many good opportunities and there are a lot of institutions coming up to further encourage and teach new & passionate individuals. Its recognition is initiated regardless of all the drawbacks. Music is taken up seriously and we believe the seeds been sown now and will hopefully flourish in future.

Some of the issues that we strongly feel about Nagaland music are the lack of good investors to invest in music/entertainment, certified music producers and last but not the least music as a career.


EASTERN MIRROR: Have you played alongside any band or artist? Who would you want to share stage with?

Pretty Rhythm: No, so far we haven’t played alongside any band or artist but we would love to share the stage with Alobo Naga and Nise Meruno to name a few.


EASTERN MIRROR: Share with us your musical memories that ‘Pretty Rhythm’ has had so far. What makes it special?

Pretty Rhythm: As a band our memories have just begun. A special mention would be our performance at the first Nagaland Olympics which was held last year which gave us a platform to reach out our music to those who have not heard of us where different communities were converged for a special occasion.


EASTERN MIRROR: What’s next for Pretty Rhythm?

Pretty Rhythm: We are in the process of making another cover song on demand by our dearest supporters.

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