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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Pelenuo Yhome

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In recent years, a bunch of young singers/songwriters have emerged from the state with a sound that sounds nothing like anything we have heard before, and much better than their predecessors. Pelenuo Yhome is a part of that bunch and she just might be the cream of the crop.

Pelenuo’s voice weaves charming melodies that one does not come across quite often. Her first release, “build a story” is a testament of how much this honest singer/songwriter has to offer.

The only “sad” part in Miss Yhome’s design is that she does not identify herself as much of a singer, and that we do not get to listen to more of her stories…

Find our more about Pelenuo Yhome on Instagram_ @ yangerjung


Pelenuo Yhome


EASTERN MIRROR:  Please introduce yourself.

Pelenuo Yhome: My name is Pelenuo. My mum is Ao and my dad is Angami. I’m working in Paragon Prime (a construction company based in Kohima). I love country music and I am a fan of Taya Smith (from Hillsong United).


EASTERN MIRROR:  The release of “build a story”, how has it changed your life? And what’s the story of the song?

Pelenuo Yhome: It has definitely changed the way I perceive things. My friend and I worked on a wedding together, which was super hectic but somehow it all turned out well.

On the day of the wedding, after the vows were made and exchanged, I sat at a corner (extremely tired and almost in tears) staring at the newly wedded couple, thinking how that very moment would stay with them till their last breathe. It made me wonder about how the glimpse of a moment can impact our lives. Some moments, like this wedding, have to be carefully worked out, while some moments happen on its own. But these moments stay with us till the end. And so the song is basically about moments; who you choose to keep and the stories you want to build with them.

Later, on that day, I wandered off to a nearby hill with my earphones on and my friends had to organise a search party; in their thoughts, I had been kidnapped.


EASTERN MIRROR:  I thought you were an architect but you are actually a Furniture and Spatial Designer by profession. But a lot of people identify you more as a singer. How’s that for you and what’s the ideal balance?

Pelenuo Yhome: First of all, I want to clear this. I have done my bachelors in civil engineering and my masters in spatial and furniture designing. It’s funny how people confuse me with being an architect. Anyway, I don’t think there’s any balance as such. Singing is more like a hobby and so, work and singing kinda goes well together.


EASTERN MIRROR:  You’re a good guitar player. Tell us a bit about it. What guitar do you use and who taught you/how you learnt to play it?

Pelenuo Yhome: I used an Oscar Schmidt acoustic guitar by Washburn. I am not at all familiar with guitar brands but that’s the one I have. My dad taught me some chords and I picked it up from there. I used to watch people play at church and I would try them out later by myself.

I play mostly when I’m alone and I don’t try to imitate anyone. But I play in a way that makes singing more comfortable. More like doing what is comfortable for me. Whenever I want to learn something new on the guitar, I watch tutorials and when that fails, ha ha, I go to Jonathan and my friend, Zulu.


EASTERN MIRROR:  Your brother Jonathan’s EP is coming out soon. What about you? Do you have anything new coming out anytime soon?

Pelenuo Yhome: Yes, I don’t know the exact date but Jonathan’s EP is coming out soon. He is one person who inspires me a lot. I have a couple of songs but I have never felt like recording them. But I “might” record one or two this year.


EASTERN MIRROR:  What do you think about the music scene in Nagaland?

Pelenuo Yhome: I feel that there are so many talented singers and musicians coming up but it seems we’re sort of stuck in a phase where there’s a lack of creativity and originality. It shouldn’t be generic. It shouldn’t sound like a rip-off of a million other songs out there, you know. We are also clueless about marketing it. With digital music, it’s become more difficult I guess. And then, there’s the whole part about making it a proper profession and making a living out of it that we need to catch up on.


EASTERN MIRROR:  What are you other hobbies other than singing?

Pelenuo Yhome:  Carpentry and walking. I like going on long walks alone. It clears the mind.


EASTERN MIRROR:  The Top 5 songs on your current playlist?

Pelenuo Yhome: Tom Leeb – Are we too late.

Hillsong United – Prince of Peace

John Butler – Ocean

Dixie Chicks – Cold day in July.

Ed Sheeran – Perfect


EASTERN MIRROR:  Top 5 artist from the state.

Pelenuo Yhome: 1. Jonathan Yhome

  1. Lelo
  2. Tuden
  3. Moko Koza
  4. Mar (Polar Lights)


EASTERN MIRROR:  Best live performance experience?

Pelenuo Yhome: That would be last year, at the “So far sounds” show, held in Dimapur. The crowd wasn’t massive but I could connect with them well.


EASTERN MIRROR:  Tell something about your brother, Jonathan, that he doesn’t want people to know.

Pelenuo Yhome:  He likes tea.

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