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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with NTdote

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NTdote inspired by Dream Theater and Theocracy is a five member band consisting of Choseo on the vocals, Tselo and Khriela on the guitars, Vela on the bass and Langs on the drums.
Formed in the year 2013, the band seeks to reveal the complications of life through their songs.
Their debut original “Beyond the Sky” talks about hope and uncertainty of life. The vocal, music, lyrics and the tune of the song is one unique compilation that demands the listeners to repeat the song repeatedly.

EASTERN MIRROR: Birth of NTdote in few lines…
NTdote: NTdote is a five piece band which was formed in 2013. It was our mutual love for music that brought together a group of friends to create and perform music as a source of self release and self expression. At first the band used to go by the name ‘Zypher’ but rechristened it into ‘NTdote’ to avoid identity confusions.

asdfghjEASTERN MIRROR: What genre do you mostly consider playing?
NTdote: We have performed few progressive and alternative rocks.
And we perform songs of any genre which meets the taste of our music.
But right now we’re working on melodic pop rock, fusion jazz or alternative rock.

EASTERN MIRROR: If given a chanc
e to perform with an artist, who would you choose and why?

NTdote: Dream Theater, because they are considered as gods in the music world.

EASTERN MIRROR: What’s your say on the present music scenario in the state?IMG_6511
NTdote: There are a lot of good artists in our state and a lot of young, talented and promising musicians.
We’ve listened to a lot of good music, and I’m sure it’ll only get better.

EASTERN MIRROR: What’s Your Song-writing Process?
NTdote: Song writing has always been the first priority of our band rather than performing.
People have different ideas of creativity but I’m confident that every song which you write, you should write it with your heart .That way it’ll mean something to the listeners and will help them and more importantly, it will mean something to yourself too.

EASTERN MIRROR: Who are your influences?
NTdote: Each of us have found great influences from different great artists like Chris Adler, John Petrucci, Tobias Sammet, Neil Zaza , Billy Sheehan etc.

EASTERN MIRROR: What’s your debut original- “Beyond the Sky” all about?
NTdote: The song is all about having hope despite having to face many difficulties or hardships and though any uncertainties may happen, we gotta have hope.
It was written for someone who needed encouragement and a spark of hope..

IMG_6493EASTERN MIRROR: What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous?
NTdote: We don’t consider ourselves any better from any artist, but with the little experiences we had we’d like to tell every young artist to keep on doing what you do.
Write songs with passion, perform it, live with it.
You’d never know what changes your music would bring to someone’s life.
Don’t hesitate, be courageous and make sure you love what you do, with that you’ll feel happier than you’ll be nervous about it.

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