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Rhythm of Love: In conversation with Magic Street

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Magic Street, is a recently formed three member pop-rock band from Dimapur with Makok Jamir on vocals, Nungshi Pongen with the guitar and Atsa Thonger on the drums.
Greatly influenced by local musicians like Manen Jamir and Tali Angh, and wish to perform with our own state’s band ‘Incipit’.
Their debut single “Let Her Know” featuring Imlier Jamir (Incipit) talks about the immense beauty of a woman and a man who is deeply drawn towards her beauty.
The band aims in bringing out something different for the listeners through their songs.
Their songs can be downloaded at indihut.com.

EASTERN MIRROR: Tell us a brief history about the band.
Magic Street: Our band was formed by just the three of us, Makok Jamir (vocals), Nungshi Pongen (guitars) and Atsa Thonger (drums) from Hillspraise Music Academy. Since the band was formed just recently we don’t have much of a history. But we are working hard to achieve our goals as a band and we hope and pray that one day we will become what we dreamt of.

EASTERN MIRROR: Any aim behind forming the band?
Magic Street: Our main motive/aim of forming the band is to bring out something different and also we work on creating something new every time we do a song.

EASTERN MIRROR: Role played by Indihut in promoting the young talents of the state.
Magic Street: Nagaland is a state abundant with many talented musicians coming up, it’s not an easy thing to promote oneself, but we are fortunate to know that the Indihut is really doing an amazing job in promoting young talented musicians as well as creating platforms for every musician across the state.

EASTERN MIRROR: If given a chance to perform with a band who would it be and why?
Magic Street: Yes if we are given the opportunity and if it’s a band from our own state than it would be Incipit. They are an amazing band and we should say, they are one of the best bands from the state.

EASTERN MIRROR: How do you promote your band and shows?
Magic Street: Honestly, we are working on that. Since we just started, we are ready to face the challenges ahead of us and also all set to give our best to promote the band and maybe do shows in the future.

EASTERN MIRROR: Share a story about the most memorable day of MAGIC STREET.
Magic Street: Forming this band with a low profile is indeed a memory so to say , however, working and recording our first song “Let her know” as team will always be a memorable one.

EASTERN MIRROR: Your influences……………..
Magic Street: We mostly listen to Dream Theater, John Mayer, Cold Play etc. They are a huge influence on our band. But few bands from our own state like Incipit and individuals like Manen Jamir and Tali Angh, has really inspired and influenced us.

EASTERN MIRROR: Tell us about your next release and why one has to listen?
Magic Street: We have started working on our next song and will release soon.
We will try to keep the song lively so that everyone can relate to the song in one way or the other. Hoping that everyone will turn up their volume on our next song release.

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